What is hardened steel

Hardened steel

Textures and advantages of hardened steel.

Thanks to the experience and expertise of its staff, Rettacciai offers Bars made of hardened, ground and chrome-plated steel depending on the production requirements of our customers.

In order to manufacture this type of product, the steel undergoes a hardening treatment (an iron-carbon alloy). As a result, it contains an excess of carbon atoms, which determine its tensile strength and hardness.

The hardening of steel.

In the hardening process of steel, the material is heated and maintained at a constant temperature so that the crystal structure is transformed into austenite.

After a quick cooling, the material turns into hardened steel, a solution very saturated with carbon.

Applications of hardened steel bars.

The hardened steel is suitable for the production of Ball screw drives, pins, shafts and any special item that requires surface hardness and increased wear resistance. Hardened steel bars are also suitable for making Cup and coil springs - Elements of difficult shape and plasticity.

Before the grinding process, which brings the material to the previously determined tolerance values, Rettacciai ensures the formation of an even hardening layer and constant hardness over the entire surface of the hardened steel, which from the beginning has a high concentration of carbon.

These reasons speak for Rettacciai.

The company based in Vicenza specializes in the marketing of various types of steel and chooses the best, high quality raw materials from the big ones Italian steel mills. In the company, the material is subject to advanced transformations in order to manufacture suitable products for customer requirements.

Rettacciai also offers a Cutting and grinding centerto also quickly bars cut to size and Products manufactured according to drawings to offer.

A working trial.

In addition to Advice and technical support to hardened steel rods, the company leads Material tests by: This way customers can be assured that the product meets their requirements.