Amphetamines affect the function of the immune system

Risks and consequences of amphetamine and methamphetamine use

Risks of amphetamine use

Amphetamines purchased on the black market are extremely risky not only because of the substance itself, but also because of the unknown dosage and impurities. The risks of using amphetamines or methamphetamine depend on the person Frequency of use and -duration, dosage, Drug quality, Consumption situation, health status and the mental predisposition of the consumer.

Immediate risks

The immediate risks of amphetamine use are:

  • increased heart ratewhich can lead to heart attack, cerebral haemorrhage and / or stroke
  • Increase in body temperature with the risk of dehydration or overheating

Methamphetamine penetrates the brain faster than amphetamine and the stimulating effect is stronger. It has a stronger effect on the cardiovascular system than amphetamines.

Amphetamines and methamphetamine work appetite suppressant. This effect coupled with the overstimulation caused by the drug and the chronic fatigue caused by lack of sleep can occur in consumers too States of exhaustion to lead.

Risk of death

If amphetamines or methamphetamine are consumed in high doses, it can become acute poisoning come. This can be accompanied by anxiety (amphetamine psychoses), a sharp rise in blood pressure with an increased risk of cerebral haemorrhage, drop in blood pressure or seizures. Amphetamine poisoning can lead to respiratory paralysis, and circulatory collapse death as a result of heart failure.

    Longer term consequences

    The repeated consumption of amphetamines can mental and physical consequences to have.

  • Psychological consequences
    • depression
    • Anxiety
    • exhaustion
    • restlessness
    • Irritability and increased aggressiveness
    • Unrestrainedness and lack of critical ability
    • Risk of amphetamine psychosis, which can last for up to a month
    • Chronic users can spend hours doing repetitive, pointless activities
  • Physical impact
    • Weight loss
    • Weakened immune system
    • Organ damage (especially kidneys, stomach, intestines) and pulmonary edema
    • Arrhythmias and damage to the heart
    • Drying of the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat
    • wounds that are difficult to heal
    • Exhaustion, sleep disorders
  • Methamphetamine use basically has the same risks. However, since the effect of methamphetamine is stronger and lasts longer, the risks are generally increased.


A major risk with prolonged amphetamine use is the development of a Addiction. This can already occur if amphetamines are only consumed on certain occasions and in low doses. With regular consumption, it quickly comes to one Tolerance education, i.e. it has to be consumed more and more so that the usual effect occurs.

Methamphetamine has a very high potential for dependency, particularly due to the strength and duration of its effects, as well as the negative effects during the coming down.

Withdrawal symptoms

Especially when the intravenous consumption of amphetamines or consumption by inhalation is suspended Withdrawal symptoms occur.


  • Fatigue, exhaustion
  • Irritability
  • Depression, anxiety
  • increased need for sleep
  • greater appetite
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Suicidal risk

These withdrawal symptoms usually go away within a week or two. To the psychological addiction On the other hand, it takes a longer time to overcome the recurring pressure to consume.

Mixed consumption

Since amphetamines are often consumed with alcohol or other drugs, it can become unpredictable physical and psychological interactions come.

Amphetamine use during pregnancy

When amphetamines or methamphetamine are consumed during pregnancy, the active substance reaches the fetus via the bloodstream. This can be too severe developmental and behavioral disorders in the unborn child.

Amphetamine use can also be a premature onset of labor cause and become one Premature birth to lead.

(Meth) amphetamine in road traffic

When taking (meth) amphetamine, loss of reality and misjudgments occur, the willingness to take risks increases, the pupils are dilated and do not react to bright light (glare). As the effects wear off, tiredness and exhaustion appear. That's why We advise against taking part in road traffic after taking (meth) amphetamineeven if it was a few hours ago. If several substances are taken, the risk potential increases and the effect is unpredictable.

Last update: May 26th, 2020