How do langostinos taste

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Healthy feasting with a clear conscience? Our Langostinos are the best choice for this.

Scampi are particularly tasty and healthy

They look similar to lobsters, but with their 30 cm length they are significantly smaller - the langostinos. The scampi taste at least as good as their larger counterparts. That's why they are ideal as a starter or add variety to the barbecue evening. Langostinos are also particularly healthy because they contain many minerals, vitamins and healthy protein, but little fat. 98 kcal per 100 grams also ensure that you can feast on our scampi to your heart's content.

Langostinos are caught in an environmentally friendly way

There are no fast catching and rearing methods with our partners. We only work with fishermen and breeding companies who rely on gentle trapping and rearing methods for their Langostinos and who refrain from using genetically modified organisms during rearing. In this way we protect the environment and at the same time ensure that our scampi also meet the very highest quality standards.

Freshly delivered on the requested date

Do you want to receive your scampi on a specific day? No problem. With us you can arrange your individual desired date for your delivery. Of course, we pack your crustaceans hygienically, odorless and tasteless and ensure that the cold chain is never interrupted. Because quality is also very important to us when it comes to shipping.

Qualified advice from employees

If you have any questions about shipping or the product, we are happy to assist you at any time. Just give us a call or send us an email. Discover our selection of langostinos and look forward to delicious scampi on your plate!