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Florida, USA: Giant bird killed its owner - now it is being auctioned

It is probably the most dangerous bird in the world: a captive specimen killed its owner in mid-April. Now the cassowary is being auctioned in the USA.

A large and dangerous giant bird that has killed its owner is due to be auctioned in the United States. The cassowary will be offered for sale next Saturday, along with around 90 other animals from the deceased's estate, as announced by auctioneer Scotty Wilson in Madison, Florida.

The cassowaries native to New Guinea and Australia belong to the genus of ratites. They have long and sharp claws and can grow as big as a human.

75-year-old Marvin Hajos had kept one of these flightless birds with black plumage, blue neck and a conspicuous horn outgrowth on his head on his property in northern Florida. He died when he fell near the cassowary's cage on April 12 and was attacked by the bird. The incident made international headlines.

The cassowary is considered to be a dangerous bird species for humans. (Source: imago images)

Other exotic animals also come under the hammer

Wilson did not set a starting price for the cassowary auction. Nor did he want to publish an estimate of the price at which the bird could be sold. In the event that nobody wants the cassowary, several nature conservation groups have already offered to take care of it.