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In the sheikh's harem - three erotic romance novels
by Marguerite Kaye

Synopsis: Three sisters travel to the Arab Kingdom to find the man of their dreams and end up innocently in a sheik's harem LOVE SLAVE IN THE SHEIK'S HAREM Kidnapped by Bedouins, given to Sheikh Khalid - love slave in the harem? Juliette doesn't even think about surrendering! Until the desert prince fiery conquers them. An oriental fairy tale of the senses begins ...... SEDUCED IN THE HAREM OF THE SHEIKA Do you think I should live in your harem? Shocked, Lady Celia looks down in front of Sheikh Ramiz. What if it is true what Schehezerade tells about the mysterious place in 1001 Nights? On purple silk the harem slaves wait innocently and undressed for their master and ... Certainly, their upbringing as a lady forbids further fantasies. But far from England, alone with a fascinating desert prince ... Celia looks up again questioningly and discovers a glitter in Ramiz ‘dark eyes that makes her shiver. And hope that Schehezerade wasn't lying ... THE FORBIDDEN KISSES OF THE SHEIK They look like they belong in the harem, not in the classroom! Sheikh Jamil says indignantly. He actually hired the young Cassandra as governess for his daughter, but her beguilingly sensual charisma tempts the proud sheikh dangerously. Soon his feelings for Cassie are far from honorable - and he kisses her hot under the stars of the desert. But tradition demands that Jamil marry an Arab princess. Now he is faced with the hardest decision of his life: duty ... or love?