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What makes a good math teacher?

Roth, Margaretha (2012) What makes a good math teacher?
Diploma thesis, University of Vienna. Faculty of Philosophy and Education
Supervisor: Katschnig, Tamara

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Abstract in German

One objective of the present work was to analyze the factors that characterize a “good teacher” from the perspective of the pupils. An empirical study was carried out based on previous research. Using questionnaires, a qualitative study was carried out on secondary school students and the following individual skills were determined within the framework of a teacher's successful behavior: educational commitment, equity, emotional stability / instability and class management. The focus was on evaluations of the teachers 'overall assessments, their teaching behavior as perceived by the learners, the pupils' interest and motivation for the subject of mathematics and their sympathy for the teachers. Studies have shown that “(...) the teacher's influence on the different learning outcomes of the students was much less than traditionally assumed. Teachers only have an indirect effect on learning performance and understanding ”(Bromme 1997, p. 186). Using a cluster analysis, three groups of teachers were formed, the first group being summarized as “correct teachers” and accounting for 57.14%. The group of “sociable teachers” still comprises 31.26% and the smallest group with 11.60% was given the label “strict teacher”. The relationship between the cluster variable and the variable gender is shown to be highly significant. The group of the “correct teachers” is dominated by women, while the “strict teachers” and the “sociable teachers” are dominated by men.

Keywords in German

Good math teacher / evaluation by learners / term: good school / good teaching / paradigms of teaching research / quantitative investigation

Abstract in English

One ambition of this work was to analyze, what makes a good teacher from the view of a pupil. Successful behavior of teachers was made out on the basis of previous researches and the evaluation of pupil's questionnaires: pedagogical commitment, justice, emotional solidity and instability and class management. Overall judgment of teachers, teaching attitude - especially in interest and motivation of pupils fort he teaching subject math - and affection for the teachers were the main evaluation credits. Research has shown that the impact of teachers on pupils' school achievements was lesser than assumed. Teachers affect them only indirectly. Using a cluster analysis, three groups of teachers were formed, whereas 57.14% were tagged as "correct teachers". The group tagged "facile teachers" covers 31.26% and the smallest group "strict teachers" covers 11.60%. The relation of cluster variables and the variable "gender" was significant. Women dominated the group "correct teachers", while groups "facile teachers" and "strict teachers" were mostly men.

Document Type: University thesis (diploma thesis)
Author:Roth, Margaretha
Title:What makes a good math teacher?
Subtitle:an empirical quantitative study in secondary level 1 on teacher evaluation by learners
Circumference:105 p.: Graph. Darst.
Institution:University of Vienna
Faculty:Faculty of Philosophy and Education
Publication year:2012
Language:ger ... German
Supervisor:Katschnig, Tamara
Assessor:Katschnig, Tamara
Classification:80 Pedagogy> 80.39 Sub-areas of pedagogy: other
AC number:AC10669735
Document ID:23033
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