What is meant by curves

Female curves are beautiful - the rethinking has begun

A woman who loves her curves radiates self-confidence and joie de vivre.

Some ideals of beauty are annoying

Let's be honest - the ubiquitous staging of a perfect body world is annoying, but it keeps an entire industry going. But even some stars are fed up and defend themselves against the fact that their photos are alienated with Photoshop. Wrinkles and curves are not allowed online and offline, the popular thigh gap (the gap between the thighs) is conjured up on the screen in no time at all, as if it were normal. Hardly any woman actually has this gap, unless she has a corresponding disposition. Nevertheless, countless girls and women try to live up to these and other ideals through starvation and diets that do not tolerate any competition.


Unrealistic pictures on social networks

The Mecca of fitness fetishists is Instagram. The photo site has become the leading platform on which influencers show the pictures of their perfect bodies to impress followers, get likes and sell services or products. But even die-hard bloggers will find it too much at some point and they will show the public what is actually going on behind the scenes in courageous Instagram vs. Reality photo campaigns.

The beautiful appearance harbors many risks - eating disorders, self-hatred and body shaming are just a few of the negative effects of an ideal that hardly any woman can correspond to. It's time to rethink and celebrate femininity!


Love your curves!

We have gathered some arguments why every woman should stand by her curves and accept and love herself. Curtain up!


A younger look

The love handles on the face ensure that wrinkles do not appear in the first place and you can easily look a few years younger. Some thin women quickly appear gaunt and therefore older than they actually are. That is why many women have their faces injected with autologous fat at the cosmetic surgeon's. Big women don't need that.


A nice cleavage

Yes, you can push a lot, but if you overdo it, the rude awakening can come. Namely when a woman cannot keep what she promised ... But joking aside, curves are just incredibly feminine and the best example of this is the cleavage. But also a nice, round bottom knows how to inspire, which is why there are some special sports exercises to make it a little bigger.


Curves are just normal

Seriously, how often do you actually see women in real life who correspond to the ideals of the media? Let's do the reality check: The average woman in Germany wears size. 42/44 and is just under 1.70 m tall. 90% of women are curvy in one way or another, especially when they're over 20. We come in small and large, wide and narrow, but very few look as if Photoshop was at work. Of course not - that's real life too. Anyone who can't do anything with real women has said the least: bad luck. He chases after an ideal that in reality has no equivalent.


There is more and more beautiful fashion for curvy women

There was really some catching up to do here, but the fashion labels and designers have slowly discovered curvy women as a target group for themselves. Plus size fashion is saying goodbye more and more to bag-like models in black or brightly colored and offers charming, feminine outfits for all occasions. Whether jeans and blouse or skirt and top, whether casual or evening wear, curves are no longer hidden, but underlined. And that just looks great!


Ideals of beauty are changing

Ideals of beauty are always changing, but what doesn't seem to change is dissatisfaction with oneself. Women find most other women beautiful, but only rarely find themselves. Obviously the problem with beauty and figure is buried in our heads. However, we live in a society in which we only notice this fact very late - if at all - because everything is actually feasible today. Self-optimization is not an option, it is demanded and is simply part of a "happy life". This is also supported by the media and corporations, which make excellent money from this optimization mania. Fitness equipment and classes, tooth bleaches and razors, books and cosmetic surgeries, you have to buy a lot if you want to be perfect. Those who are happy the way they are do not wash money into the coffers.


Make the most of your type!

A woman with feminine curves shouldn't hide, but make the most of her type and dare to stand out when she feels like it. It is helpful to work on a coherent overall picture in which the lipstick color, hairstyle and accessories are also very important. A striking chain and a beautiful bag with matching shoes underline the self-confidence of a woman who knows exactly what suits her. Stars like Maite Kelly, Adele, Beth Ditto and even starlet Kim Kardashian show how it is: curves are beautiful!
These plump women can be a great inspiration to find pretty outfits and styles. They also show us that there is a lot more that matters than the figure if you want to be successful.



Image: fotolia.com

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