Rust is a good language

Rust - the modern programming language presented

The biggest advantage of Rust over other programming languages ​​is its security. This will inter alia. with the Handling of errors reached. If an error occurs during compilation that cannot be rectified, the appropriately named "panic!" Macro is started. This cleans up and provides an error message so that no damage can occur.

But memory management is also considered extremely secure. The advantage is that Rust "Memory safety" without a "garbage collector" reached. For years, the memory has been a popular target for hackers in many programming languages. If a memory should fill up, this leads to an error in the system and thus a weakness that can be exploited. A "garbage collector" ensures that objects that are not required disappear from the memory again. However, this slows down the execution of the code. The Rust compiler makes the "garbage collector" obsolete. Instead, it is checked during compilation whether there could be any errors in the memory.

The strong security functions are not at the expense of performance. Rust is a system programming language like C / C ++ and also delivers the same speed of execution. On the one hand, this has to do with the lack of a “garbage collector”. On the other hand, the "zero cost abstractions" ensure high speeds during runtimes. The term actually only means that you can program abstractly and still do not have to accept any losses in performance for this convenience.

That fact makes Rust one Mix of high-level and low-level programming languages. Similar to C / C ++, Rust is very close to the hardware - which ensures the high speed - but can be programmed relatively easily, as is otherwise known from high-level languages.

Ultimately, both beginners and experienced programmers can quickly find their way around Rust. The language hardly deviates from known alternatives in the way it is used. A big advantage, however, is how much effort it takes Error messages were designed. Where other programming languages ​​only output cryptic errors, Rust provides meaningful and helpful hints on how to fix the error.