When will KuCoin start another Spotlight project?

KuCoin celebrates its 3rd anniversary with KuChain updates and giveaways

During the 3 year anniversary celebration, KuCoin is launching a series of campaigns with very exciting prizes including a Porsche 911, an iPhone, KuCoin merchandise, token rewards and much more!

In addition, KuCoin’s 8th spotlight project, the Velo-Protokoll, will be started on the occasion of the 3-year anniversary. Velo is an open financial protocol that aims to build a decentralized settlement network that enables partners to transfer value to one another in a secure, timely and transparent manner. Backed by dozens of leading Asian business groups including Lightnet, UOB Ventures, Seven Bank and HashKey Capital, Velo is expected to be the first blockchain project to bring DeFi to the masses.

KuCoin Spotlight Sales Starting Soon

This spotlight token sale is conducted in lottery format. Users can obtain tickets in a variety of ways, including holding KCS and participating in Kratos (KTS) lockdrop and 3rd anniversary campaigns. The lottery results will be announced on September 15th.

In addition, the KuChain Test Network Kratos (KTS) will conduct its first token distribution during the 3rd anniversary celebration. KuChain and Kratos are public chains that are geared towards DeFi requirements and offer even more stable underlying environments for decentralized applications, including DeFi and DEX. The KTS token distribution is carried out with LockDrop. For more information on the KTS, see the official KuCoin announcement.

From a crypto-to-crypto trading platform, KuCoin has gradually expanded its product line, successfully launching Spotlight, KuCoin Futures, Pool-X, KuChain and more. To date, KuCoin has had a cumulative trading volume of $ 80 billion and has carried out 670 million transactions.

KuCoin finds hidden gems

In addition, the exchange has always been known for discovering “hidden gems” in the crypto world. More than 250 high quality blockchain projects have been listed, supporting approximately 450 trading pairs. Given the recent popularity of DeFi, KuCoin supported popular DeFi projects such as AMPL, AKRO, DIA and COMP very early on. Meanwhile, KuCoin has also launched its own DeFi Trading Board to reduce the barriers for users to invest in DeFi.

The steady development was also recognized by the capital market. In November 2018, KuCoin closed a $ 20 million Series A financing from IDG Capital and Matrix Partners. These funds will help further improve the stability, security and usability of its platform, resulting in greater value for its users.

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