What is half of dfrac 2 4

Multiplying and dividing fractions


Lena drinks from a three-quarters of a liter apple juice bottle. On a school day she drinks half of it and does the math: But you could also do the math:

Multiplying fractions

You multiply two fractions by calculating the denominator times the denominator and the numerator times the numerator. This is how Lena did it too:


Always look for numbers, e.g. in the other fraction, with which you can shorten your fractions before calculating so that you can multiply the smallest possible numbers together. Abbreviation "across". That means the 8 with the 4 and the 5 with the 25.

Mixed fractions

When multiplying, the same rules apply as when multiplying fractions, which we discussed in the chapter Multiplying and dividing fractionsto have met. Let's do an example together:
Step 1: reshape the fraction Step 2: shorten Step 3: multiplication Write it down like this:

Dividing fractions

You divide one fraction by another by multiplying by the reciprocal of the last fraction. When multiplying, the rules above apply. example Find the reciprocal of the rear fraction You form the reciprocal value by swapping the numerator and denominator:
The reciprocal of is . Multiply by the reciprocal


Why did Lena come up with both bills and on the same result? the same as .
It has to be divided by the reciprocal multiply.