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What role do you play In BDSM role-playing games, the partners agree on an erotic scenario, with everyone choosing their own role. It's all about dominance and submission. The BDSM game can be spiced up with lingerie, accessories and toys such as restraints and whips. One partner plays the dominant role while the other takes the passive submissive role. Which position you choose depends entirely on your preference - whether you prefer to submit or rather to dominate. Depending on their liking, some couples change roles more often with each other.

In advance, both partners should talk about the role play and note whether this fantasy offers an erotic attraction for both of them. In connection with BDSM and bondage accessories, a safeword and a time frame should also be determined before the role play.

Once the conditions have been clarified, you can slip into your roles. Let your imagination guide you and enjoy the game of cat and mouse together. The most well-known scenarios for a role play are doctor and patient or student and teacher. The list of role-play ideas is much more diverse. The best BDSM role-playing games for couples and other erotic inspirations can be found here!

BDSM role play: the role of your (love) life

Interrogator and suspect

A kidnapping or arrest with transport to an interrogation cell and the suspicious steps of an interrogator in the corridor. The specialist seizes the opportunity to get the intimate details out of his prisoner. He ties the prisoner up and elicits every secret from him or her with hefty punishments. For inspiration on various bondage techniques, take a look at our bondage positions!

The WG casting

One of you is looking for a new roommate for his apartment and invites some interested parties. When you get to know each other intimately, you quickly get down to business. In order to get the room, the apartment hunter has to surrender himself completely to the main tenant and do everything he asks of him.

The blind date

Both partners initially go their separate ways and meet on a blind date in a bar. As the evening progresses, the looks become more intense and hidden touches under the table fuel the passion. Suddenly one of you notices that the other has a pair of handcuffs in his pocket. To find out what you can do with it, you retreat to a quiet place together.

Burglars and Homeowners

Alone at night in a large house and from below, strange noises penetrate the bedroom. Footsteps approach and a burglar suddenly appears in the room. So that the homeowner does not start to call for help, he must be tied up and gagged. The homeowner is now completely at the mercy of the burglar.

The game works the other way around as well. The owner surprises the burglar in the act. The thief hadn't expected anyone in the house and paused for a second. The other uses this to overwhelm the intruder and tie him up. Now the homeowner has enough time to think about penalties before the police arrive.

Star and groupie

The beloved star comes to town and his fan only wants one thing. The suitor has to pull out all the stops to convince the star. With a striptease, this is wrapped around the finger and then tied to the bed. Now the groupie can finally take what he needs from his star.

Captain and stowaway

A stowaway is hiding on a ship. Hidden in the engine room, the uninvited guest is discovered by the ship's captain. He now has to take care of the passenger and takes him into his cabin. There the stowaway is handcuffed to prevent him from escaping. Subject to the captain, the stowaway must now serve his sentence and be at your service.

BDSM role-playing games with a poker face

Play a card game together. It is best to play a game with rounds that are not too long. Think up punishments for the loser beforehand. If either of you has lost, the other will show no mercy until the punishment has been carried out. Then it can go into the next round of the game.

Lottery procedure

Collect your fantasies about sex, bondage and your favorite BDSM games. Write them down on small pieces of paper that you can keep in a box or something similar. During sex, a lot decides which erotic fantasy you will experience today. The surprise effect is guaranteed to make playing together intensely.

Car driver and policeman

The policeman stops a driver who unfortunately did not take the speed limit seriously. During a body search, the driver tries to escape. Now the traffic cop has to handcuff the driver. The perfect starting point for a chaste interrogation.

However, the driver may also manage to overpower the police officer during the body search and steal the handcuffs from him. The driver ties him to the car door and quietly sets out to explore his body.

The delivery man

You have something delivered to your home. One of you plays the delivery man. He is asked to come in briefly because the person being delivered has to look for the money. When he can't find money to pay, the delivery man suddenly gets a much better idea of ​​how the debt can be paid off.

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