The Chinese clean themselves 1

Video shows hygiene scandal in Chinese luxury hotels

When you check into a luxury hotel, should you assume that your room is perfectly clean, right? A video from China shows that this is unfortunately not a certainty.

A blogger filmed in 14 different hotels, including several five-star hotels, with a hidden camera and discovered many a hygiene scandal.

Cleaning in the hotel: With the toilet cloth into the drinking glass

The Weibo user Huazong published the video on his account. Since then, it has been spreading rapidly on social networks, and the first affected hotels have made public statements about the recordings. These include, for example, the Park Hyatt in Beijing and the Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai.

You can see, among other things, how some cleaners also clean the sink and drinking glass in the bathroom with the same cloth that they use to clean the toilet. Others clean the toilet with the guest towel.

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The Shangri-La Hotel in Fuzhou said that the actions in the video violated its hygiene standards, the Park Hyatt in Beijing describes the actions as an "isolated event", reports the British "Sun". The Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai and the Sheraton in Guiyang City apologized and announced that they would review the cleaning procedures.

Another video from a Chinese hotel that was also uncovered this year shows that this is not an isolated case. It shows how the drinking cup in the bathroom is cleaned with the dirty toilet brush.

Risk of infection in the hotel due to poor hygiene

The result: risk of infection from bacteria, e.g. E. coli, which could get from the cleaning cloth to the drinking glass. Drinking from the glass in the bathroom of your hotel room was already on the list of things not to do in the hotel room.