What if crowdfunding fails

Kickstarter: Which projects fail the most often

The website Finantio.de looked at the financing of Kickstarter projects. Accordingly, technology products fail most often. Only 24 percent were successful. It only looks just as bad in journalism, where just 24.4 percent of the products examined were successfully financed.

Camera and electronic equipment particularly successful

According to Finantio.de, there are also blatant differences between the tech projects. Camera and electronic equipment has a particularly high success rate, with 55 and 52 percent respectively being financed successfully. At the lower end, on the other hand, there are projects in the Web and Apps category. Here the quotas are eight and seven percent, respectively.

Median at $ 25,000

The median funding targets for camera equipment and wearables is $ 25,000, compared to just $ 3,800 for all campaigns. According to the analysis, camera enthusiasts are also particularly generous, investing an average of $ 340 on the platform. Supporters would only invest more money in 3D printing - $ 430.

Most of the money for product design and games

By the way, most of the money came from product design, tabletop and video games. According to Finantio.de, 2015 was the best year for Kickstarter, with over 65,000 campaigns active at the time. Since then, the number of projects has been falling. By the way, it is most worthwhile to start a project in spring and finish it in autumn. The best day of the week should be Tuesday and the optimal start time between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

330,000 campaigns examined

When analyzing Finantio.de, 330,000 campaigns were scrutinized. The period for the analysis was between April 2009 and January 2018. Campaigns that were canceled prematurely were not taken into account. The raw data can be found on the Kaggle platform. (red, 03.07.2018)