Why don't the British tan well

The redskins from the island: Why the British love to coke so much

Everyone knows it: as soon as you get to the beach, it glows red everywhere. No, they're not stranded crabs - it's the British who have soaked themselves in the sun for far too long. But why is that so? A study in the UK is trying to get to the bottom of the matter.

50 percent of Britons burn themselves on their first day of vacation

The British love sunny climes in the south, although they themselves are more of a Nordic type - at least in terms of their skin texture. Because, according to an old cliché, only brief showers interrupt the constant rain in their homeland, the British apparently share something like a collective addiction to warming sun rays. And so quite a few Brits like to mutate into red skins at their holiday destination - in the literal sense. As part of a current study with 2000 participants from the United Kingdom, the drugstore chain Superdrug tried to get to the bottom of the phenomenon and asked the British to show their colors in terms of sunburn technology. After all, every second vacationer from the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth II admitted to being so addicted to the sun that he burned his skin on the first day of vacation. In the often unsuccessful effort to get a respectable tan, 14 percent completely forego any sun protection, while another 25 percent consciously opt for a low sun protection factor.

A tan is a must!

68 percent of British sun worshipers saw the blame for their behavior as being solely due to the bad weather in their homeland. 50 percent also made it clear that a vacation would be a complete failure for them if they did not return home with a decent tan. It is therefore not surprising that even those who initially protect themselves properly from the sun do not use sunscreen from the fourth day of their vacation at the latest if their body is not crisp brown by then. While the drugstore chain naturally wants to boost sales of its sunscreens with the terrifying results of this study, there is actually only one sensible alternative for the health-conscious Anglo-Saxons: vacation in their rainy homeland.

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