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Frequently asked questions

Is MSSQL Standard cheaper for me in the data center?

Price example 10 users:
Purchase according to users:
1 * Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2019 new license, with SA: 1,350 EUR
10 * Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2019 new license, with SA User CAL 350 EUR each = 10 * 350 = 3,500 EUR
/ 5 years: EUR 4,850
Microsoft rental licenses (SPLA):
10 * Microsoft SQL Server Standard SPLA, 1 SAL per 17.00 EUR = 170 EUR / month
/ 5 years: 10,200 EUR / year
MSSQL hosting:
1 * MSSQL iStandard 59 EUR / month, one-time 50 EUR
/ 5 years: EUR 3,590

Managed MSSQL hosting is much cheaper because you save server hardware, software depreciation over 5 years and the IT administrator

Can I do a JTL-Wawi Operate database?

With our products MSSQL iExpress, MSSQL iStandard and Managed VPS you can operate your JTL Wawi database centrally in our secure German data center and access it from anywhere in the world with the JTL Wawi client. We also run a complete JTL Wawi hosting solution here.

Please note that we are not responsible for JTL support, nor take over the setup (free of charge)! We offer a one-time setup of the JTL Wawi via remote maintenance at a flat rate of 50 EUR (data transfer possible).

Do I actually have unlimited users for iMSSQL Standard?

Yes. It is a Microsoft SQL Server standard processor license (4 cores).

Can I use MSSQL iExpress or MSSQL iStandard for my ERP how to operate myfactory?

The latency between your location and the data center could be significant and it also depends heavily on the number of connections / second. We recommend our Windows Terminal Server (available as a managed vServer and managed dedicated server solution) to drastically reduce latency.

How do I manage the MSSQL database (s)?

A comfortable web interface is available for creating instances, databases and SQL users. The actual administration of database contents is done with any SQL tools, e.g. Microsoft SQL Management Studio.

Can I download the MSSQL backups?

Yes, you have FTP (S) access to download our daily MSSQL backups.

Can I import my MSSQL backup?

You can upload your MSSQL backup (.bak) to our server with the FTP (S) access. We import the database for you for a flat rate of 10 EUR. You have no backup operator rights.

Do I have root access to the database server?

You only have full root access with the Managed VPS product.

Are the MSSQL Reporting / Analysis Service / Integration Services also available?


Is LINQ available?

You can only activate LINQ with the Managed VPS product.