Should Bitcoin be legalized in India

Crypto Donation: Ethereum Founder Donates Over One Billion For India


The Indian entrepreneur Sandeep Naiwal wants to support the Indian health system with a fund made up of cryptocurrencies.

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  • India's health system is suffering from the second corona wave.

  • A fund made up of crypto currencies is intended to finance aid supplies.

  • Entrepreneur Vitalik Buterin donated over $ 1 billion in cryptocurrency on Wednesday.

Because the second corona wave has India fully under control, help is being offered from many sides. So also by Sandeep Naiwal, who founded "India's Crypto Covid Relief Fund". So far, over six million dollars have been received in ten different crypto currencies. And that even though cryptocurrencies are not yet legalized in India. On Wednesday, the Ethereum founder and Dogecoin killer Vitalik Buterin should have set a milestone in terms of crypto donations.

Naiwal announced in a tweet that he was tired of "sitting around" and that he would do something now. He will start a campaign to help India. To do this, he needs the help of the crypto community. In a tweet, Naiwal announced a donation from Buterin of 50,693,552,078,053 SHIBAs - the equivalent of $ 1.1 billion.

Secure the financing of aid supplies with cryptocurrencies

In his message, Naiwal said it would be careful to liquidate the fund to ensure that the goals to lift the pandemic can be achieved. The conversion of the donations is planned over a longer period of time. Here you can see how important and influential the crypto community is and can become.

While India is still opposed to legalization, those responsible earn money in this way to keep the health system running. At the end of April alone, three million dollars were recorded.

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