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Questions and answers about the exploratory drilling for the retrieval of radioactive waste from the Asse II mine

4. According to experts, the controllable volume of access is probably up to 500 cubic meters per 24 hours. One has to look for or suspect a water bubble that should have a considerable volume of an estimated 10,000 cubic meters or more. Wouldn't something like that be known long ago?

A large reservoir in a small space or a spacious area with many small branches are conceivable. Such structures may continue to be hidden and not have been captured by previous explorations. However, just as important as knowledge about the reservoir is knowledge of the flow paths. In order to gain more knowledge about this, the BGE is carrying out these boreholes.

Finally, it should be pointed out that various scenarios can justify a technically no longer controllable solution access (AüL). These include, among other things, a strong increase in the amount of solution, a change in the chemical composition of the solution and a fundamental change in the flow paths in the Asse II mine.

  • An increase in the access rate in the southern flank to more than 20 to 30 cubic meters per day and permanently
  • a permanent decrease in the saturation of rock salt (sodium chloride) to below 1.200 to 1.202 grams per cubic centimeter

In addition to these “hard” factors, which can be measured directly, there are other “soft” factors, which means that they must be checked and assessed by experts (expert judgment). All of these factors are proposals that are currently under discussion and must be viewed in their entirety.

In contrast, the volume mentioned in the question relates solely to the technical design of the system. However, it does not serve to determine the beyond-interpretation access to the solution.