What are the best fitness youtube channels

My top 10 YouTube workouts channels

Oh yes, they love home workouts. Many swear by it (me too!), Others prefer the gym. Now we don't have a choice: everyone in Germany is sent to the “home gym”. And who knows, maybe one or the other will even learn to love training at home during this time?

I think there are only advantages. Especially as a mom, it's hard to find time to train and if you can use a few tricks to find half an hour a day for yourself, that's great.

Today I would like to share my top 10 YouTube channels with you, which you can browse through - I love them all and I regularly choose something here.

The body coach

One of my all-time favorites is Joe Wicks' channel. Short, concise but effective HIIT workouts, most of which can be done without equipment. There is currently a short workout for children every day from Monday to Friday. Olivia loves it.


I've been following GymRa for a long time. Here you will find so many different and varied workouts with different trainers. It doesn't get boring and every fitness level is covered.

Popsugar Fitness

Workouts with celebrity trainers. It is so much fun. Every training session is really covered here. I like the way it is turned.


Who still knows Lisa Marie from Bodyrock? She now has her own YouTube channel and anyone looking for intense workouts has come to the right place!


Girlie style workouts. You feel like you're exercising with your friends. There are short and long workouts and challenges over and over again.


The classic among the YouTube workout channels, but still so good. I just find the two girls so personable.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This is the YouTube channel that Olivia loves so much. It's in English, but it's so well done.

HAS fit

Somewhat cheezy, but definitely effective workouts for everyone. You just have to search through what kind of workouts are available.


These workouts are also great to do at home. Sometimes I don't have the power behind it because there is no music, but the exercises are definitely great.

Heather Robertson

Rediscovered and already learned to love: Heather. She is so personable and she does it great. Have to try!

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