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Basically you can mix the two oils with each other, but normally nobody will do that (except you ...) because one is a manual transmission oil, the other for automatic transmission. The requirements for both oils are fundamentally different.
Not only is the viscosity different, the ATF lacks e.g. adhesive additives, and it is also not designed for high shear loads.

The perfectionist would now say: Oil only costs around € 10, out with the mixture and fill in new, then you are guaranteed to be on the safe side. A new transmission costs many times that.

The pragmatist would say: if it can be shifted more smoothly, then leave it that way and close it. If you do not belong to the heater faction and strain the material to the limit of pain, you have nothing to fear.

I would make it dependent on my own driving profile, possibly drive for a while and watch how it behaves, but change next year at the latest.
The transmission is not made of sugar, but this mixture is a bit suboptimal.