Is your life easy without work

Monday question: Can a person live without work?

Work played an essential role for people thousands of years ago. Not comparable to today's gainful employment, let alone work that is controlled by computer systems, but is entirely geared towards people's basic needs. Hunters and gatherers had a clear division of labor, depending on age and gender, people approached their tasks differently and thus made their contribution to the community to ensure survival.

Work was a cornerstone of society then as it is today. The financial aspect plays a not insignificant role. Earning money in order to be able to afford life is a main motive of work. Likewise, the conscious creative examination of people with their strengths, ideas and abilities can be viewed as a meaningful process. As the well-known study "Die Arbeitslosen von Marienthal" by Marie Jahoda, Hans Zeisel and Paul Lazarsfeld from 1933 also shows, the lack of work can lead to resignation and passivity. If there is no structure in everyday life, it has a negative effect on the state of mind of the person.

However, there are also the downsides of work - at least in the form in which it is lived and understood in many cultures around the world today. Terms like burnout or workaholic show that work can have a destructive effect not only on people. And yet - it would hardly be possible without work. Or is it?

Can man live without work?

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