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GitHub revises contract terms for customers

The software hoster has revised its contractual terms for customers - according to its own information with the aim of improving the user experience. GitHub's legal department has reduced the number of pages of the contract terms by 70 percent. Microsoft customers can now directly apply existing conditions, as the Microsoft customer agreement is now also valid for the purchase of GitHub products.

GitHub and Microsoft: GDPR at a glance

Agreements that are limited to product functions and internal processes have been removed from the general terms and conditions and moved to attachments. In addition, the legal department has aligned GitHub's data protection agreement with Microsoft's Data Processing Agreement (DPA) as much as possible and added additional security controls and obligations. Microsoft customers will find a short addition to the Microsoft data protection agreement that describes the GitHub-specific data protection and security obligations, so that a separate data protection agreement is no longer required when purchasing GitHub products.

GitHub Enterprise or Microsoft customers have access to a redesigned corporate legal page where they can see all terms and conditions for all GitHub products, professional services and support. Here, too, the scope has been reduced so that interested parties can find the relevant content on six compact pages, instead of, as before, in the midst of a wild collection of sales requests and product offers. More information about the new features can be found in the post on the GitHub blog.


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