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Digital signal processing with MATLAB


The book introduces the basics and applications of digital signal processing through practical exercises on the PC. 16 experiments are offered, consisting of an introduction, a preparatory part with exercises and an experimental part with MATLAB exercises. There is a detailed solution section for the exercises and MATLAB exercises at the end of the book.
A PC with the MATLAB program package with the Signal Processing Toolbox is required. Over 80 programs and data sets are available free of charge on the homepage of Vieweg + Teubner Verlag,
In the third edition, the experiences made in an internship with students in the 6th semester of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences are incorporated. In particular, the tools offered by MATLAB: Window Design and Analysis Tool, Filter Viewer Tool and Filter Design and Analysis Tool are increasingly included so that what has been learned can be directly applied in practice.


Difference equation FIR filter Convolution IIR filter LTI system Quantization Signal processing Spectral analysis Discrete time signals Digital signal processing Discrete Fourier transformation Discrete signals Fast Fourier transformation (FFT) Stochastic signals

About the authors

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Werner teaches communications engineering in the electrical engineering and information technology department at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

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