What failure has taught you so far

The Magic of Failure: From Failure to Success

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it is that nothing, really nothing, can be planned. Whether a project succeeds or not doesn't just depend on us. Nevertheless, many people blame themselves for failed projects, what to Stress and frustration leads. And nothing feels worse than moments when you see yourself as someone who has failed - right?

But what if, of all times, at these moments potential is what remains hidden from most people forever? What if it was this Moments of failure that will make you a winner soon? And what if you are in the right place to finally find your real one Winner I. bring forth?

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Three reasons why yours failure is in truth your greatest strength, you can find out here. You will not believe this? Then convince yourself! Because you're a winner - you just don't know it yet!

1. Failure is a form of growth

How did you learn to walk as a child? If you are like most children out there, then you've tried countless times to sit up, keep your balance, put one foot in front of the other, and then still fell on your buttocks. But after one attempt after the other failed again and again, it worked and now your feet carry you to different places every day.

Unfortunately, in the course of their lives, many people forget that failure and failure are simply part of it.

Missteps suddenly turn into bad over the years. But the truth is: Failures are an honorbecause they are proof that you set out and that you were ready to take a bold move with no guarantee. Be proud and ready to accept as many failures as necessary and then celebrate the moment when the long-awaited success entry.

2. Every failure strengthens your personality

No one in history is one impressive personalityt and has achieved great things because success has flown to him. Because in order to celebrate the success you want, you have to grow into the person who can carry that success into their life. All the failures, missteps and the hardship grind your rough edges out of you to ultimately make you the most brilliant diamond.

With every failure you develop more clarity, more down to earth, more grounding and more strength in yourself.

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3rd reason: humility and gratitude

You can certainly still remember moments when everything went very easily and you could look forward to a lot of success, right? Just use the moments when things are not going so well to develop twice as much humility for all the moments that were really good. Besides, everything is one Question of focus. Because even if something just went really wrong, that doesn't mean there isn't anything that makes you happy. Realign your focus and focus on all of the things for which you are grateful. You will find that new energy kindled in you. After all, it's time to get up again, move on, and plan your next success.

Damian Richter is a family man, entrepreneur, investor and life coach. Many also refer to him as a success maker. At the age of 14 he founded his first company, in his mid-twenties he managed a billion-dollar portfolio on the stock exchange and has experienced everything from failed suicide attempts to appearances on the largest stages in the country. His HIGH STARTER PODCAST shot to the top of the iTunes download charts and at his LIVE seminars and on the Internet, Damian has worked with more than 300,000 participants, athletes and well-known companies since 2011.