Can I take more medical specialists?

Appointment with a specialist after 4 weeks: This is how you get the number 116 117

Patients with statutory health insurance should get an appointment with a specialist, family doctor, pediatrician, and psychotherapist more quickly. Appointments are now arranged by telephone on the nationwide number 116 117, online via the e-appointment service or the 116 117 app.

Important to know: 116 117 is the central nationwide number for arranging doctor's appointments and the medical on-call service. In the event of a medical emergency or life-threatening situation, dial 112 instead.

How can 116 117 be reached?

The appointment service of the patient service supports those with statutory health insurance on the telephone number 116 117 in arranging doctor's appointments.

The number 116 117 can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is also available online and with the 116117 app.

Important to know: Patients with acute complaints are referred to the correct level of care using a standardized initial assessment procedure (open doctor's practice, medical on-call service, emergency clinic, ambulance service / 112).

The patient service 116 117 does not arrange desired appointments with a certain doctor or psychotherapist. Instead, you get an appointment after a legally specified area search:

  • In the case of general specialist care (e.g. orthopedic surgeon, ENT doctor, dermatologist and ophthalmologist), practices up to 30 km away from you are taken into account.
  • In the case of special and separate specialist care (e.g. radiologists, specialist internists, child and youth psychiatrists), practices up to 60 km away from you are taken into account.

That means: A visit to the doctor arranged in this way can be connected with a further journey for you.

How does the appointment service work?

  • You call the nationwide number 116 117 or use the e-appointment system.
  • For example, if you need a referral to a specialist, enter the urgency code. You can find the urgency code on your GP's referral. No referral is required to refer to an ophthalmologist or gynecologist.

If the appointment is successful, you will be offered an appointment within a certain period of time after contacting us.

If you cannot be offered an appointment within the specified period of time, you will be offered an outpatient treatment appointment in a hospital.

Do you need one cancel an appointment, call at patient service 116 117 and release the appointment again.

Important to know: In acute cases, patients are referred to medical practices, emergency clinics or hospitals during consultation hours.

Who does Patient Service 116 117 refer to?

Referral to a specialist

As a patient with statutory health insurance, you have the right to arrange appointments with specialists in cases of emergency within four weeks. The prerequisite is that you have a doctor's referral with an emergency code from your family doctor.

The 12-digit urgency code, on the other hand, is not required for an appointment with an ophthalmologist or gynecologist.

Note: There is no entitlement to mediation for minor illnesses or routine examinations.

Mediation with general practitioners and paediatricians

The appointment service on 116 117 will put you in touch within 5 working days an appointment with a family doctor, pediatrician or adolescent doctor. You need to refer to a family doctor, pediatrician or adolescent doctor no urgency code.

The four-week deadline applies to arranging preventive examinations (U-examinations) for children.

The appointment service of the patient service also supports you in the search for permanent care from a family doctor, pediatrician or adolescent doctor.

Mediation to psychotherapists

After your call, the appointment service will offer you an appointment for a Psychotherapeutic consultation hours (initial consultation) at. The maximum waiting time between your call and your appointment is four weeks.

  • You do not need a referral to arrange a psychotherapeutic consultation.
  • For the mediation of a promptly required probatory work (i.e. initial sessions before the actual start of psychotherapy and acute treatment) you need individual patient information on outpatient psychotherapeutic consultation hours (PTV-11 form) with an urgency code.
  • After a psychotherapeutic inpatient stay, you do not need a PTV-11 form for acute treatment.

What is the urgency code about?

A medical referral with an urgency code is a prerequisite for arranging a specialist appointment within four weeks. This is a twelve-digit code that is printed on the transfer. The family doctor issues the urgent (coded) referral.

  • A specialist appointment cannot be arranged without an urgency code. exception: An urgency code is not required to arrange an appointment with an ophthalmologist or gynecologist.
  • You do not need a referral to refer to a family doctor, pediatrician or adolescent doctor.

With bank transfer Without a code, there will be no referral within four weeks.