What does IMHO mean in your opinion


IMHO is an abbreviation that we primarily encounter on the Internet, i.e. in chat rooms, forums or on blogs. The meaning of IMHO can be derived from the English. Each letter stands for a single word. The meaning is that the writer expresses “his modest opinion”.

It stands IMHO For "In my humble opinion"And literally means" in my humble opinion ". The short form is the abbreviation IMOwhich stands for the words "in my opinion" and means "in my opinion".

In principle, this abbreviation only exists in written form and, in contrast to LOL or everyday acronyms (LKW, EDV), we do not encounter it in the spoken language. Nevertheless, IMHO is still booming and IMHO according to Google can be found on over 30,000,000 pages.

However, interest in the term over time has been steadily decreasing since November 2004. In any case, this development can be confirmed on the basis of a Google trend analysis. However, this observation can also mean that more and more people are familiar with the abbreviation.

Only in January 2010 was there another small upward trend for the search term "IMHO“Record. However, this only seems to initiate the further consequent downfall.

Use of IMHO

As already described, the term appears primarily on the Internet. It is used in forums within a sentence and introduces the opinion of the respective user. In contrast to LMAO, IMHO rarely stands on its own and is mostly part of a sentence.

Possible use of the abbreviation

User1: What is actually the best book by Joanne K. Rowling?
User2: IMHO it is "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!"
User3: "The Goblet of Fire" is IMHO the author's best book!

IMHO and the German language

In principle, it is quite difficult to simply subordinate Internet jargon to the rules of grammar and spelling. However, it can at least be stated that the word is an acronym and therefore can only exist in this form.

Incidentally, acronyms mean abbreviations that are formed from the initial letters of several words ("I.n my Humble Opinion ")

In addition, few terms from the Internet are listed in German reference works and Duden, Wahrig and other lexicons have so far ignored any existence of numerous abbreviations. However, it only seems to be a matter of time before they receive an entry.

Possible synonyms for IMHO
  • IMO can be representative of IMHO to be needed