Where can I buy ukulele in Japan


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ukulele - or also "Hopping flea“Which is what it means in Hawaiian translated. 🙂
This tiny instrument has been around since 1880 when the first ukuleles were built in Hawaii from local koa wood an absolute cult instrument worldwide developed. The result is one today extremely large variety on different models from various manufacturers, which continues to grow.
We also have fine, genuine Hawaiian instruments with us and high-quality Japanese instruments.
We just find the tiny little ones strong and that's why we have them Probably the best and largest selection in Northern Germany of ukuleles between € 35.00 and € 2,100.00, from soprano to baritone - The trend is increasing in terms of quantity and price!

Manufacturers that we carry and / or can source: (some more on request)
Kanile'a - Without question one of the best and most famous ukulele manufacturers in the world. The specialty: REAL Hawaiian ukuleles! We have them in our shop for you!
Pono - Belonging to the Hawaiian ukulele company "Ko'olau", which builds very high-priced instruments, there are great instruments here, Made in Indonesia with strict controls in Hawaii.
KIWAYA - Japanese architecture meets the world of ukuleles. Made in Japan with a great, warm sound, these instruments are rightly valued.
Leho - Leho, which means "shell" in Hawaiian, has many great instruments in a wide price range and in a wide variety of woods.
Ohana - As a Southern California family business - Ohana means "family" in Hawaiian - it is a matter close to the heart of the Ohana team to deliver first-class instruments in every existing Ohana price range. And they succeed.
Lanikai - Lanikai manufactures ukuleles of the highest quality in terms of processing technology, which shine in appearance and sound due to their very clean work.
Baton Rouge - Just like the guitars, the ukuleles of the German brand are excellent in terms of price / performance.
Cordoba - The range of ukuleles from Cordoba is not huge, but it is completely convincing with almost every single model.
Veelah - The portfolio of Veelah ukuleles is very small, but it is also a hit in the price range.
APC - Antonio Pinto Carvalho is an instrument manufacturer in Portugal, and even Made in Portugal. Incredible, but true: APC offers all-solid acacia ukuleles for less than € 200. Class!
Kai Ukulele - Totally unknown, but totally excellent! Kai ukuleles are built incredibly light, which makes them react and vibrate excellently, and offer the player an additional sound hole in the frame as a monitor sound hole.
Ortega - the German brand of the German distributor "MEINL" has a wide range of great ukuleles in the affordable price segment ready - so you will find many of them with us!
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