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Declension and plural of Flügelfrau

The declension of the noun Flügelfrau is in the singular genitive Wing woman and in the plural nominative Wing women. The noun Flügelfrau is declined with the declension endings - / en. The gender or voice of Flügelfrau is feminine and the specific article is "die". Here you can not only inflect Flügelfrau but also all German nouns. Commentet

Feminine · weak · Endings - / en

the Wing woman

Wing woman · Wing womanen

Declension of Flügelfrau in the singular and plural in all cases


Nom.theWing woman
Gene.theWing woman
DatetheWing woman
Acc.theWing woman


Nom.theWing womanen
Gene.theWing womanen
DatetheWing womanen
Acc.theWing womanen

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Declension forms of Flügelfrau

Summary of all declension forms of the noun Flügelfrau in all cases or case

The Flügelfrau declension online as a declension table with all forms in the singular (singular) and in the plural (plural) and in all four cases nominative (also 1st case, who case), genitive (also 2nd case, Wes case, Wessen- Case), dative (also 3rd case, whom-case) and accusative (also 4th case, whom-case) clearly presented as a table. The inflection or declination of the noun wing woman is an aid for homework, exams, exams, for German lessons at school, for learning German, for studying, German as a foreign language (DaZ), German as a second language (DaZ) and for adult education . Especially for those learning German, the correct declension of the word Flügelfrau is crucial. Further information can be found under Wiktionary Flügelfrau and under Flügelfrau in Duden.

Declination wing woman

Nom.the wing womanthe wing women
Gene.the wing womanthe wing women
Datethe wing womanthe wing women
Acc.the wing womanthe wing women

Declination wing woman

  • Singular: the wing woman, the wing woman, the wing woman, the wing woman
  • Plural: the wing women, the wing women, the wing women, the wing women