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Natural soap guide & comparison 2021

Hello, I'm Gregor and I've put this page together. First, you will find an overview of various natural soaps of our choice here, followed by a survey and a guide on the subject of natural soaps. Further down on the page, we will link to further articles or reviews, and at the end you can add your own mustard in the comments.

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The 11 natural soaps of our choice

in a clear comparison
6 x 150g natural soap set handmade
3 natural soaps with peeling gloves
Almond soap, care soap, natural soap, vegan, handmade, natural product approx. 140g, no chemicals, traditional, almond oil recommended for dry skin and hair, natural cosmetics
Naiman® Aleppo Soap [20%] - Premium Quality - 400g PRE-CUT - Natural soap with 80% olive oil & 20% laurel oil - Natural Aleppo soap in a jute bag
Make natural soaps yourself: palm oil-free, plastic-free, worry-free!
Meina Naturkosmetik - natural soap, organic soap with sandalwood and lavender without palm oil, vegan, handmade (1 x 100 g)
6 x 150g natural soap set | handmade soaps ideally suited as hand soap, body soap and hair soap for soft skin with a beautiful scent | Donkey milk soap & more
Natural soap, pure pleasure: The production of fine vegetable soaps in your own kitchen
puremetics Zero Waste test package: 6 soaps minis + travel box for free | 100% natural, vegan & plastic-free | Natural soap without plastic | solid shower gel, shampoo, facial care
Natural soaps: Everything about composition, production and use
ASAVO premium olive oil soap, hand-scooped with extra-virgin organic olive oil, 100% natural soap, olive soap, without added perfume, vegan, 95g
3 natural soaps with peeling gloves in a set - handmade natural soaps almond oil soap, nettle soap & black cumin soap - natural and vegan - handmade with tradition
Mijo 2x GREEN WAVE lemongrass soap Lemongrass handmade natural soap with organic olive oil, without palm oil approx. 100g / pc
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This tabular comparison should not be confused with a natural soap test, in which the natural soaps are tested in detail. External tests are linked further down on the page.

Evaluation of the survey: Popular natural soaps

Every month we analyze exactly which products are most popular with our users:

Which natural soap would you buy online? (February 2021)

  • 50% (7 votes) Manufaktur Pur care soap almond 100 g Bi ...
  • 35.71% (5 votes) Skineco Natural Soap - with Aloe Vera & Z ...
  • 7.14% (1 votes) ASAVO Premium Natural Soap Lemon Fit BIO, ...
  • 7.14% (1 votes) Meina Naturkosmetik - natural soap, organic soap ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Mijo WINTER-BREEZ orange-cinnamon soap handmade ...
  • 0% (0 votes) NATURAVELLA® 3 x ORGANIC SOAP Set I All-In-On ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Rose & Lavender Natural Soap - Organic Celebrations ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Care soap lavender organic natural shea butter ...

14 votes in total.

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Natural soap guide

Illustration: Almond soap from PAOS

There are good reasons to choose Natural soap to decide: Soap that is industrially manufactured consists mainly of animal fats, which are usually obtained from slaughterhouse waste. There are also a wide variety of chemical additives. For example, silicones, surfactants, preservatives, plasticizers and even petroleum. In real Natural soap such ingredients are not present. But not every natural soap that is offered can really be called one. Because the term "natural soap" is not protected. In this article you will find out what to look for when buying natural soap.

Choose a product that is pH neutral

Soaps that are strongly alkaline, i.e. above a pH value of 7, attack the skin's natural protective acid mantle, so that the skin has to regenerate after washing. Meanwhile it is less well protected against environmental influences etc. For example, the skin can become dry or inflamed, which is why you have one Natural soap should use the pH of which does not exceed 5.5. Read the item description before buying and make sure that the product contains moisturizing ingredients that additionally care for your skin.

Avoid natural soap that contains palm oil

Unfortunately, there are still manufacturers who, among other things, use palm oil to make natural soap. Refined palm oil is particularly problematic, and in large quantities it can even be harmful to health. For example, it is believed that refined palm oil can damage the genetic make-up. In addition, the cultivation is very controversial. Huge areas of the rainforest were cleared for palm oil plantations, which released large amounts of gases into the atmosphere.

Which natural soap helps against blemished skin and has nourishing properties?

When looking for a soap with anti-inflammatory properties, consider a product that contains anti-inflammatory essential and skin-nourishing vegetable oils that can help reduce chronic inflammation. The soap should also contain herbal ingredients that have a detoxifying effect and provide the skin with valuable antioxidants to prevent skin inflammation. Ingredients such as lavender, olive oil, chamomile oil, copaiba oil, mandarin oil, bergamot oil, peppermint oil and argan oil are recommended. Some soaps contain natural clay, which is particularly suitable for people with very oily skin, because clay has the property of absorbing excess oil from the skin.

Good natural soap should have been saponified using the cold process

If a soap is produced using the cold process, the natural glycerine is completely retained in the product. This is not the case with other manufacturing methods and is often not wanted, because the soap industry likes to skim off the natural glycerine in order to use and sell it elsewhere. However, natural glycerine has excellent skin care properties, which is why you should definitely not do without this natural ingredient.

Choose a high quality product

High quality does not mean expensive. Even very cheap natural soaps can be of high quality. However, you should keep in mind that soaps that have exclusive ingredients such as argan oil are naturally a bit more expensive. This also applies to natural soaps that are hand-boiled. Recommended manufacturers of natural soaps are, for example: Natural products Schwarz, Greendoor, Bomb Cosmetics, Savona, Carenesse or Moroccan Treasures.

Natural soap tests & other reports

New: our editorially supported list of further reports. The Internet is full of natural soap tests, in which technical data are compared, but the products are rarely really tested (we therefore clearly refer to our overview as a "comparison" and by no means a "test"). So we have made it our business to distinguish supposed tests from honest test reports and to list the most helpful tests, reports, discussions and useful information about natural soaps for you:

Dudu Osun PURE - Black Soap (fragrance-free natural soap ...
Review. Dudu Osun PURE - Black Soap (fragrance-free natural soap). I think this soap is great for shaving. When cleaning my ...
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Hexenküche Journal - natural soap
You can purchase the natural soap ebook here legally: Amazon, my mother's test report will be published here as soon as it arrives ...
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The best natural soaps - Utopia.de
Solid vegetable oil soaps and liquid natural soaps in refill pack. Ingredients in cosmetics; Natural cosmetics test: these 3 nail polishes are recommended ...
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Ivory Facial Cleansing Soap - Manna Natural Products ...
Then try the face-cleansing ivory soap: I have an ingenious tip that you can use to drive all your opponents off the chessboard so that you ...
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Back to the soap - a phenomenal self-test
The good old soap is out of fashion. Eva thinks it is completely wrong. In the self-test, she writes about her experiences with natural soaps. ...
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DR. BRONNER'S MAGIC SOAPS in rose Pure natural soap, liquid 59 ml | 236 ml | 473 ml // EUR 3.59 | 8.99 | 12.49 (e.g. at Müller drugstore ...
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Tips from YouTube about natural soap

today - Dr. Bronner's natural soap in the test: mouthwash

18 applications in 1er natural soap? How does that work? Perissa tests and gives you her opinion. Today: mouthwash. Is Dr. Bronner's this test?

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Conclusion on the natural soap guide & comparison 2021

Finally, we would like to explain our evaluation criteria for our natural soap comparison so that you can better understand our recommendations and our evaluation process. Furthermore, in 2021 you are advised to keep your eyes open for short-term offers, because cheap bargains can quickly make a product attractive, even with natural soaps!

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