How do I uninstall Skype

Apps / software Delete Skype: How to remove the PC app


Microsoft has preinstalled a number of programs with the update to Windows 10. Skype was also part of it - regardless of whether you were an intensive user or didn't even have an account. In addition to the familiar application, there are other Skype alternatives that enable video telephony. And don't worry, if you want to uninstall your Skype PC app, you can do so without losing your account. In an emergency, you can simply download Skype again, reinstall it and continue using it with your usual Skype account and all your saved contacts.

Delete Skype

Remove data remnants

In addition to the program itself, there may be other remnants of data on your computer. In order to completely remove Skype from your hard drive, these leftovers should also be deleted. Again, nothing happens to your Skype account. You can still log in on other devices.

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Brief instructions: Remove data remnants

  1. Go over the keyboard shortcut [Windows] + [E] in the Windows Explorer.
  2. Click on "This pc"and then on your"Drive (C :)".
  3. Open the folder "ProgramData".
  4. Clear You the here located Skype folder.
  5. Next, open with [Windows] + [R] the command prompt and type "regedit"a. Confirm with"OK".
  6. In the newly opened window, go to "To edit"and choose here"Search" out.
  7. Give "Skype"and click"Keep searching".
  8. Click the right mouse button on the Skype entries and "Clear"You this.