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These 3 zodiac signs are very chaotic

Some people are really well organized. You always know which object has its place and where and feel uncomfortable as soon as even the smallest hint of disorder arises. They love to structure their day and always want to know what happens next. But then there are also people who are exactly the opposite of that.

They keep forgetting appointments or misplacing objects. And although they are totally annoyed by it themselves, there seems to be nothing they can do about it. Because they are just what they are. By the way, being chaotic doesn't mean being unclean. This is much more about the organizational side.

We'll tell you which three zodiac signs are ticking and chaotic.

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# 1 fish

Pisces are real dreamers. They like to fantasize about their life and think of every imaginable place. However, they often forget to live in the here and now. That is why it is not uncommon for them to be unable to concentrate and forget and embarrassed things. So often it has happened to them that house keys, glasses and the like were simply nowhere to be found.

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What Pisces don't like at all is pressure and too many appointments. The fuller the schedule, the more often fish flee from everyday life and dream of another place. But Pisces also need a little bit of chaos to be happy. It's their way of being creative.

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# 2 twins

Gemini is also one of the chaotic zodiac signs. Twins are always busy. They try to reconcile their jobs, their private lives and, above all, their many friends. Most of all they like to spend their free time in company, which means that there is often no time to keep things tidy.

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Geminis have great difficulty organizing themselves. They enjoy life to the fullest and always do what they feel like doing first. Unfortunately, because of this, important things often fall over.

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# 3 Sagittarius

People in the zodiac sign Sagittarius are also predestined for chaos and disorder. Sagittarians are always on the lookout for a new adventure. They take everything with them and don't want to miss a single chance in their life. If you have the choice between something organizational or going out with friends, you don't have to think long about it. Your privacy and fun always come first.

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Often, those born in Sagittarius don't have much fun bringing order into chaos, doing to-dos and structuring the day. Their time is far too precious for them. And apart from that, Sch├╝tzen doesn't mind a bit of chaos at all. They also don't really care what others think of them.

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Note at the end:We have selected the zodiac signs based on their typical (and well-known) character traits. All of this must of course be taken with a wink - after all, the stars can be wrong too. There are certainly also true organizational talents among the zodiac signs listed.

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