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The expression Alternative metal is used in two ways. On the one hand, as a collective term for several metal sub-genres, including mix genres such as Nu metal (With Hip hop) or industrial metal (with Industrial). On the other hand, alternative metal is in narrow sense a quasi-subgenre in the Metal, for bands who have replaced at least one typical element of metal with something alien to the genre. This can be an atypical instrument, but it can also affect the clothing, the lyrics or the voice.

Alternative metal was commercially big in the 1990s, so it has little to do with non-commercial. After the second meaning, grunge and nu metal bands are not included here, bands like the funky ones remain Faith No Morewho have favourited jazzy Primus and the spacey ones Voivod, at least in part. Alternative metal is therefore the harder variant of the Alternative rockthat can be defined analogously on a rock basis.

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Deftones [edit | Edit source]

Deftones from Sacramento, California, USA 1988 founded. They started out with heavy Nu Metal, but soon became softer and more melodic and thus Alternative Metal.

Faith No More Edit source]

Faith No More from San Francisco, California, USA 1979 founded in 1982 they found their name. At first they were funky pioneers on the verge of what was later called the so-called Nu metal. Alternative was the DJ and the funky bass.

  • Epic - (video, 1989, 4:42 min) - a hit back then!
  • We Care a Lot - (video, 1987, 4:21 min)

Helmet [edit | Edit source]

Helmet from New York, USA, was founded in the late 1980s. They are partly hardcore and partly quieter and more melodic.

Primus [edit | Edit source]

Primus from Bay Area, California, USA 1984 founded. The band makes a strange but ingenious mixture of metal, funk, jazz and madness that can safely be described as alternative metal.

Red Hot Chili Peppers [edit | Edit source]

Red hot chili peppers from Los Angeles, California, USA 1983 founded. At first they were funky pioneers on the verge of what was later called the so-called Nu metal. Alternative was the DJ and the funky bass.

Tool [edit | Edit source]

Tool from Los Angeles, California, USA, was founded in 1990. The band makes emotional alternative metal with elements from the Progressive metal and the Post metal.

VoiivoD [edit | Edit source]

Voivod or VoiivoD from Québec, in eastern Canada, have turned to 1982 founded, their debut album came in 1984. They initially have very tough and crazy punky Thrash metal made, but later became more and more spacey.

  • Astronomy Domine - (video, 4:18 min) - from the 1989 album Nothingface - the absolute space hammer!
  • Tribal Convictions - (video, 4:45 min) - from the 1988 album Dimension Hatröss.- the absolute spaceiest in the hard sound until then.
  • We Carry On - (video, 4:50 min) - Snake is there again.

Waltari [edit | Edit source]

Waltari from Finland became 1986 founded. The band offers the best mix of metal and techno on two albums.

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