What are the benefits of health solutions

The gold rush atmosphere in the digital health sector should be treated with caution

The increasing interest of international pharmaceutical companies in Germany as a digital health location shows: Jens Spahn has managed to change the image of the dusty and analogous health system in the Federal Republic. It is true that important projects of the Minister of Health such as the electronic patient file still face a number of hurdles.

But much has been in motion since Spahn took office two years ago. Innovative health applications have been coming from Germany for a long time, but Spahn has given the digital offers made in Germany a perspective on the home market with around 70 million people with statutory health insurance. That attracts investors.

First of all, the start-ups can look forward to tapping new sources of capital. But the German health system as a whole can also benefit if the future of medicine is shaped locally and not just in Silicon Valley. A digital health founder in Berlin is more likely to feel obliged to comply with German data protection standards.

Ultimately, this development can also be beneficial for patients: through additional investments, new therapy and treatment methods can be brought to market more quickly. Thanks to data-driven medicine, diseases can be better treated or avoided through prevention.

Of course: The gold rush atmosphere in the field of digital health should be treated with caution. An example of excessive profit hopes is the case of a back pain app that recently increased its price ninefold. The costs for digital applications must not overtax the health insurances, the medical advantage must be clearly demonstrated. Not every app has added value that justifies reimbursement by the statutory health insurance.

The digitization of health care offers many opportunities, economic and medical. The patient benefit must always come first.

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