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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way in order to achieve a high level of awareness in the target group relevant to your company. With social media marketing you have a powerful tool in hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers in such a targeted manner.

Spotify followers for playlists and profiles

The music industry has changed dramatically with streaming services like Spotify. So it is possible for musicians today to study their fans and thus their target group much more intensively than was the case 10 years ago. Fans are called followers in networks. Spotify collects their data down to the last detail, so that conclusions can be drawn about the listening habits of each individual. Based on this intensive recording of listening habits, but also of followers, likes and plays

  • the personal recommendations that Spotify makes to its users in playlists.
  • the possibilities of intensive Spotify marketing.
  • the allocation of reach and ranking to the artist profiles.

You too can gain more followers if you know how to use the data and instruments that Spotify makes available to you. Until this is the case, however, you must first try to generate Spotify followers for your artist profile or your playlists on your own. And in such large numbers that it appears relevant for the calculation at all. Since this is difficult to achieve for most users and for unknown bands, it is an alternative to buy Spotify followers. For German bands also with the option of buying German Spotify followers.

As an experienced marketing agency with good contacts in the English-speaking area, we have adapted this strategy, which is already widespread in the USA, to the German market. From now on you can order any number of German Spotify Followers online from us in order to advance your Spotify marketing more quickly.

About streaming intelligence to the persona: How to reach your target group on Spotify

"Streaming Intelligence" is what Spotify calls its software, with which the listener's data is recorded. And leaves no doubt that these capture not only formal information, but also very personal and intimate information such as moods or individual preferences. The only question is, what do you do with it in the context of your Spotify marketing? How do data streams become new followers?

In online marketing, it is common to create a persona for your own target group, i.e. an artificial figure that has the essential characteristics of your own target group. This is also possible for your Spotify marketing - you can also visit the profiles of your followers, look at their playlists or interact with users. You can share playlists, network with other artists, plan joint projects or create public playlists together.

In short: The world of your current followers lies before you like an open book. Read it, register yourself as a guest of honor, use it. But also remember that you have to offer your followers something for it. One is your music, which you (have) published in excellent recording quality. The other is motivation to follow your account, listen to new tracks, play your playlists and the like. This motivation doesn't just follow from someone sharing your taste in music. Spotify is too big and too complex for that, which makes Spotify marketing difficult. It follows when it becomes apparent that you have already gained a large number of followers for your profile and / or your playlists. And this is exactly what the strategy of buying (German) Spotify followers is all about.

Spotify Marketing - Tips and Measures for Implementation

The benefit of buying Spotify Followers is first and foremost that you improve your statistics and increase your reach. Once this goal has been achieved, you have to step up a lot through active Spotify marketing. For example, it is not enough to create an artist profile and then just leave it to itself like a business card. Fill it with life again and again by posting short reports from your gigs, uploading a new photo

or give events and concert tips - your own performances will of course be announced first.

You can also expand your Spotify marketing to other social media. Are you on Instagram? Link your Spotify profile in the bio. Are you on facebook? Create a fansite and connect it to your Spotify activities. Don't forget to ask followers from social media to visit you on Spotify every now and then. In all of this, it is important that you not only spread disgraceful information, but also reach your followers emotionally. Live recordings, moving moments, little stories from everyday musicians often do a lot more in Spotify marketing than just indicating that you have reached this or that number.

However, you should always have one number in mind and that is that of your Spotify followers. As soon as something moving happens here, point it out to your followers, for example by saying thank you - for the first 100, the next 1000 or 10,000 followers.

Don't be afraid of big numbers: grow with your own Spotify marketing

Whether Spotify or iTunes, what euphoric followers is to follow a profile that wins new followers every day. Because the music inspires, the stories are right, because they have the feeling that they are part of something important: your success. It is interesting that it is precisely this success that scares many musicians at first. Gaining 10,000 followers via Spotify Marketing sounds tempting. But will we still be able to act?

In fact, 10,000 followers and more are a no-brainer on streaming services like Spotify. If you want to use them, you have to overcome your fears of large numbers in any case, so that they can become a powerful tool. If you start small by fighting for every follower, improve your chances by buying Spotify followers and learn something new about your target group every day, it will soon be easy for you to do Spotify marketing.

So whether you want to push your playlists or are represented as a band or label on Spotify: You won't have any here without intensive public relations work

Chance. As an experienced marketing agency, we provide you with the number of German Spotify followers you need. Choose a package with a sense of proportion - so that it represents a realistic increase in the current number of your Spotify followers. Delegate the selection of Spotify followers and their distribution to your playlists or to your profile to us as a professional agency. And relax and dedicate yourself to your Spotify marketing, with which you inspire real fans.

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