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Cloud storage comparison: Google Drive vs. Onedrive vs. Dropbox vs. iCloud

Whether photos, documents, backups or something completely different - storing your own data in the cloud has become a normal practice for many users and there are many providers of online storage space. But what are the advantages of the individual services? Who has the most storage for Lau? And what do e.g. memory expansions cost? Today we are getting to the bottom of these and other questions.

From the dozens of different file hosting services, we have selected the probably four best-known services for this comparison: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Apple's iCloud.

All four services offer you both practical smartphone apps and an upload manager for your desktop, with which you can easily synchronize your cloud storage across all devices.

Google Drive: 15 GB free

Google was a pioneer in terms of online storage. Already in 2004! The search engine giant from Mountain View shocked with the announcement that it would give its then brand-new email service Gmail a 1GB mailbox. So much memory was unheard of, as the inbox of competing products usually only contained a handful of megabytes at the time.

Today you get the free version 15 GB Online storage, however includes all Google services. If, for example, like me, you have a very extensive Gmail mailbox and several Google Docs, you have less space for everything else.

Of course, Google Drive provides you with upgrades: 100 GB costs 1.99 € / month, for 9.99 € there is 1 TB and for 99.99 € / month even 10 TB.

👉 Tip: If you use your cloud storage primarily for photos, it is worth using Google Photos. Photos uploaded there do not count towards your storage limit if you pay attention to one thing: you have to select the option "high quality" when uploading. Then the photos are compressed to 16 MP and not counted towards the storage space. If you choose the original size, they will be taken into account (unless you have a Google Pixel). The smartphone app is also very good and offers one of the few options on the iPhone, for example, to delete all photos on the device at once.

Update January 2018

At the beginning of January 2018, Google rolled out a new feature. You can now search for content in individual folders in your Google Drive storage. Before that, a search request always combed through your entire filing, which was not always beneficial for clarity. If you want to search in folders that have only been released for you, you must first add them to your filing system. You can find more details at Caschy.

Microsoft OneDrive: 5 GB free

Microsoft's file hosting service has a big advantage: You don't need to install any additional software under Windows 10, because OneDrive is already firmly integrated into the operating system. In the free version you currently receive 5 GB free. That's less than with Google, but with OneDrive, the upgrades are really interesting.

The 50 GB storage for € 2 / month is not yet the best choice, the 1000 GB for € 7 per month is more likely, because: If you choose the terabyte option, you will automatically receive a license for Office 365. It gets cheaper if you buy a license for 5 users, because this only costs a mere 10 a month - € 2 per person per month.

👉 Tip: However, you will get the bargain if you do not purchase your license from Microsoft, but from us, for example. Because then the first year of Office 365 for 5 people including 1 TB of cloud storage per person currently (September 2018) costs just € 73.99 or € 1.23 per month and nose. You could hardly get that much online storage space cheaper.

Dropbox: 2 GB free

Dropbox is also one of the pioneers in the field of online storage space and for a while had almost a kind of monopoly within the hip, technology-loving population group. In the meantime, Dropbox is just one of many services. The free variant offers you 2 GB memory, which you can expand in various steps, e.g. via referrals to your friends or by using the smartphone app.

There is a paid upgrade for private users: 1 TB for € 9.99 per month.

👉 Tip: Dropbox is very big when it comes to collaborations with device manufacturers. For example, if you buy a number of business notebooks from Asus, Dell and HP, you will receive a free upgrade with 25-50 GB of storage for 6-12 months.

Apple iCloud: 5 GB free

Apple's iCloud is a little different from the other services. Because not only is there no special smartphone appsand second, the iCloud is very well integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

Windows users have to forego some features, but at least there is a utility that allows you to access your iCloud. Unfortunately, Android users are completely excluded.

Apple uses iCloud as standard for backing up your iPhones and many iOS apps also use Apple's online service to synchronize across multiple i-devices or to store data themselves.

With the automatic iCloud backup of your iPhone, for example, everything is backed up if you want: photos, apps, settings and more. Advantage: Backing up and restoring is child's play and takes place fully automatically. Disadvantage: The free 5 GB storage sometimes fill up very quickly, especially if you want to back up multiple i-Devices.

Of course, you can also purchase storage upgrades from Apple: 50 GB cost € 0.99 / month, for € 2.99 / month you get 200 GB, 1 TB for € 9.99 / month and 2 TB for 19, 99 € / month.


In addition to the four providers presented here, there are plenty of other services that save your files online. In this article on Wikipedia alone you will find 22 filehosters, many of them with free packages. So if you can live with distributing your files to multiple services or accounts, there is actually a considerable amount of cloud storage out there that can be accessed for free.

If you want to combine everything under one roof, there is currently (September 2018) no cheaper option than sharing an Office 365 license with 5 friends.


Was that too much text for you? OK, then here again all the data in the form of a handy table:

Google DriveOnedriveDropboxiCloud
15 GB free5 GB free2 GB free5 GB free
100 GB: 1.99 € / month50 GB: € 2 / month1 TB: € 9.99 / month50 GB: € 0.99 / month
1 TB: € 9.99 / month1 TB: € 7 / month200 GB: € 2.99 / month
10 TB: € 19.99 / month5 x 1 TB: € 10 / month1 TB: € 9.99 / month
2 TB: € 19.99 / month

Which cloud storage do you use? In your opinion, which provider is still missing from our list?