When did man come to earth?

Why do people have to die and new ones be born? - heart radio

The cells in our body accumulate damage over the years that they cannot repair. This leads to the fact that the body gradually weakens - and we eventually die. It's good that new children are always being born at the same time! Otherwise there would be no more people in the world at some point.

Why do we have to die?

The individual cells that make up the body suffer nearly 10,000 damage every day. Every illness, every bump in sports and every sunburn causes damage.
Cells can actually repair such damage themselves - but they are not perfect at it. There is always a small amount of residual damage left. In the course of life, all these residues together make a big difference: the cell becomes weak and weaker - until it no longer functions in the end. And then the body can no longer go on.

This harms the cell: for example sun, pollution, burns, beatings, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, etc.

What do giant tortoise and greenland shark have in common?

Both are getting ancient. The Greenland Shark can live up to 500 years. That's a record for vertebrates; so in animals with a spine in the body. The giant tortoise Harriet died at the age of 176. Sponges that live in the deep sea are probably the oldest animals on earth: they can live for several thousand years.

How old do we humans get?

The oldest person on earth to date was a woman: She lived in France and was called Jeanne Louise Calment. When she died in 1990, she was 122 years old. Never before had it been possible to prove exactly that a person had gotten so old. Children born in Germany and Europe are getting older and older.

Can you feel older?

It's strange: You get older and older every minute and you don't feel it happening. Getting older happens by itself: you were just ten and suddenly your eleventh birthday has arrived. You were just a kindergarten child and suddenly you are in third grade. We do not notice that we are getting older while it is happening - but because something is different than before. Maybe suddenly you can ride your bike better than before or you dare to stay with your girlfriend for the first time.

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