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Hacker School at G DATA: It is early to practice what a programmer wants to be

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The Hacker School is a non-profit association from Hamburg. Founded in 2014 and active in North Rhine-Westphalia since 2018. The organization gives children and young people exciting insights into the many facets of programming, shows them what you can design yourself on the computer and teaches them digital skills in this way. Because as users, today's kids are real professionals. After all, they grow up with the fact that computers, the Internet and smartphones determine our daily lives. But how exactly the technologies that have become commonplace work and what is behind them is often closed to children and young people. But basic IT training only plays a minor role at school.

With its offer, the Hacker School introduces children to programming even without prior experience. The topics are wide-ranging. Here the companies and inspirers have a free hand. The spectrum covers the entire range of IT - from working with microbits like the Rasperry PI, building a weather station, programming voice control with Alexa to designing websites with HTML or CSS. In one course, participants even took a computer apart and then put it back together again.

In the meantime, interest in the Hacker School is also increasing among IT companies. The idea of ​​passing on knowledge is becoming more and more popular. The employees are also happy to get involved on the weekends to inspire the youngsters. The Hacker School takes care of the organization.

“Every young person should have written at least one line of code in their educational career, know how computers and programs are structured and try out whether IT is something for their personal future. The interest in the Hacker School is huge. Some participants travel more than 100 kilometers to take part in a course. All events are beginner-friendly and no two weekends are the same. The feedback from participants and inspirers is always very good. In particular, everyone likes the practical implementation. "

Cleo, regional director of North Rhine-Westphalia at the Hacker School