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Myths and Prejudices - The Unvarnished Truth About Botox and Hyaluronic Acid.

Injections with hyaluronic acid and treatments with botox are becoming more and more socially acceptable. For a long time now, Hollywood stars are no longer the only ones to use the syringe for beauty. But there are also a lot of half-truths and myths about this topic. What wisdom is true, what is perhaps even completely untrue? Do you just have to drink a lot of water? Is Botox a Dangerous Poison? Here we have collected beauty myths for you and tell you what is actually true.

Myth 1 | Who needs syringes? You just have to drink lots of water ...

Pure water must be the source of eternal youth and beauty. At least if you believe the statements made by the stars and starlets on the red carpets of the world. They supposedly only drink a lot of water, which keeps them beautiful and always young. Clear water is undoubtedly important, healthy and provides us with moisture from within. It doesn't keep forever young.

If you drink too little, this can have a negative impact on your appearance. Wrinkles caused by dryness appear, the complexion appears less radiant and plump. Water cannot stop the aging process.

An actress who looks 32 in her mid-50s has usually taken other measures. The first choice to look smoother in the long term is now botox. You can also read our article "Too young for botox and hyaluronic acid?", Which provides a lot of information on the subject. But is botox really dangerous?

Myth 2 | Botox is a deadly snake venom ...

Many people think that botulinum toxin, as it is properly called (botox is the name of a product made from this active ingredient), is a kind of snake venom. This is due to the fact that creams with snake venom are offered that promise an effect like a botox injection. However, outside agents cannot really relax muscles for long periods of time.

In fact, botulinum toxin is a substance that a bacterium produces. In medicine and in cosmetic practice, Botox is used in so much diluted form that it is safe and proven to be used. Since the substance is broken down again by the body, an accumulation is not to be expected. Botox has been used in medicine for a very long time - and in far higher doses than in cosmetic applications.

Botox as a medicine

With cramped muscles, twitching eyes, bladder problems and excessive sweating, as well as with severe migraines, the use of the Botox syringe can often achieve very good results. With some indications, botox nowadays prevents an operation that was necessary earlier.

However, improper and incorrect use can still have unpleasant side effects. Injected incorrectly or overdosed, botox leads to temporary symptoms such as a sagging sore throat. Lowered eyebrows, asymmetries or articulation disorders are also possible. This depends on the region in which the injection was made.

Therefore, you should get Botox from a well-trained and experienced specialist you trust, such as Dr. Box, let splash. Cosmetic institutes and alternative practitioners are not the right address here. A very good knowledge of anatomy and sufficient experience prevent "Botox accidents". As with any syringe treatment, there is little residual risk of bleeding or infection. Since the botulinum toxin is broken down again and the nerve cells regenerate, a sagging sore disappears after a few weeks or months. If used properly, side effects are very rarely to be expected when injecting Botox.

Myth 3 | Botox leads to a rigid mask face in the long run ...

Do you get a stiff and expressionless face if you keep getting botox injections? No, definitely not, because Botox breaks down. If you want to achieve a lasting effect, you have to have it injected again.

The fear of a "masked face" is mainly due to the fact that the face was initially injected very smoothly with Botox. For many Americans, freedom from wrinkles is still about facial expressions. In Europe, dosing is more likely to maintain a certain degree of flexibility. This creates a more natural result.

With repeated treatment, one often has the feeling that one no longer has to resort to the botox injection that often. This is not because muscles are permanently relaxed, because the effect wears off again. But if a muscle is relaxed again and again, it breaks down. This effect is often noticed especially with the frown lines between the eyebrows. The initially “trained” muscle becomes weaker. You also get used to habits like squinting your eyes if you haven't been able to do it properly for a while. Many people who initially had an injection every 3 months need Botox less and less.

Myth 4 | If I inject as much botox as possible, I will benefit from it longer ...

As already explained above, you shouldn't inject too much so that the facial expression stays natural. If the muscle, such as the frown line, is completely paralyzed, the maximum result is achieved. The botox blocks the existing nerve endings, it cannot do more than that. Further botox cannot dock and is simply broken down. Injecting too much does not lead to a longer effect, at most to unnaturally rigid facial expressions. The same applies here: experienced physicians such as Dr. and Dr. With their experience, castes can judge very well what the appropriate dose is. Then the result will last as long as possible and have the desired aesthetic effect.

Myth 5 | Botox is addicting ...

One reads about botox addiction in the press. We're talking about stars who once started botox and can't stop. The fact is, botox use is not physically addictive. It may be that you are getting used to your youthful appearance and want to look even smoother. This has nothing to do with addiction to botox, more to do with one's own attitude towards aging and appearance. There may be an addiction to eternal youth, but there is no addiction to botox itself.

Myth 6 | Inject botox during lunch break and look younger immediately ...

Again and again we get instant successes from botox parties and injections during the lunch break in the media. The fact is: Botox takes a few days before you can see an effect. Even the headline “Botox lip” warning against unsuccessful lip injections is nonsense. Botox is not a filler and does not create volume. The substance botulinum toxin soothes muscles, but does not fill wrinkles.

Anyone who wants to build up volume needs a filler such as hyaluronic acid. There are also a lot of myths and stories about this active ingredient. Is it true z. For example, if we choose to have a treatment with hyaluronic acid, we will have half a chicken injected into our face? So many believe ...

Myth 7 | Hyaluronic acid is made from chickens ...

In fact, you can get hyaluronic acid from rooster combs. The hyaluronic acid that is used today for the cosmetic treatment of wrinkles is not of animal origin. This has the advantage that the risk of allergies is very low. So if you get hyaluronic acid from a specialist like Dr. Box injected, not half a chicken is injected.

Myth 8 | Hyaluron in creams works just as well ...

"As effective as a hyaluronic acid injection" promises the wrinkle cream advertising. To be too good to be true. Hyaluronic acid in cream makes sense, because the hyaluronic acid binds many times over to water and therefore donates a lot of moisture. A plump and well-moisturized complexion is the beautiful effect.

External treatment cannot lift facial contours, enlarge lips or iron out deep wrinkles. A cream does not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin like an injection. It is also unable to build up volume in a targeted manner in certain places.

In a specialist practice like that of Dr. Box you will be given detailed advice on where a filling or volume increase makes sense on an individual basis.

Myth 9 | Injecting hyaluronic acid hurts a lot ...

Many are incredibly afraid of the supposedly painful injections. “If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer,” they say, but nobody really has to suffer when injecting them. On the one hand, the needles are extremely fine, and high-quality products usually already contain an anesthetic. Before administering the hyaluronic acid injections, the skin can also be treated with an anesthetic cream, which makes the punctures hardly noticeable.

Some pricks can be a bit uncomfortable, but an injection with hyaluronic acid by a suitable specialist does not cause great suffering. As with Botox, this also applies here. A medical-cosmetic treatment belongs in the hands of an experienced doctor.

Myth 10 | You always look "done" ...

The aim of a well-performed application with botox or hyaluronic acid is not to look “made” or even heavily lifted. With a specialist like in Dr. Box, you get a result that looks completely natural. You stay yourself, just fresher and younger. Many prejudices are based on alleged injections behind which a failed facelift is hidden. Hardly any star would like to admit that he has gone under the knife, especially if it has not gone well.

If an overcorrection has occurred during treatment with hyaluronic acid, you can treat with hyaluronidase in an emergency. This substance dissolves hyaluronic acid, but also the body's own. Therefore, one should always weigh up. Small nodules or irregularities can usually be massaged away.

A good doctor will tend to inject fewer injections, especially during the first treatment, especially when building up lips. Here it makes sense to proceed step by step. This is then less noticeable to the environment.

Myth 11 | When you stop injecting you suddenly look very old ...

This, too, is a myth that is not true at all - on the contrary. If you don't start too late to preserve your youthfulness with botox and hyaluronic acid, you can actually postpone the aging process.

For example, if you soothe a strong frown line or laugh lines on the eyes with botox, they will not get any deeper. Over time, they can even improve a lot and almost go away. Hyaluronic acid stimulates the skin's own collagen formation. Even if it breaks down again, a regenerating effect remains. If the skin is treated regularly with hyaluronic acid injections, its condition will improve.

The unvarnished truth about hyaluronic acid & botox

Now we have cleared up eleven myths about beauty, botox and hyaluronic acid. If you would like a treatment and still have questions, simply make an appointment in Dr. Box. He will answer your questions and suggest a treatment, the result of which will naturally look beautiful. You do not have to fear a masked face, rubber raft lips or an unpleasant treatment.