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Question: Why do so many international students study at American University? Answer: Because when you search Google for US universities, you enter the terms “American” and “university” and then pick the first university that comes up ... This joke is heard more often on the campus of this medium-sized private university (around 13,000 Students) in Washington DC Together with Georgetown University and George Washington University, it is one of the "Big Three" in the US capital. Unlike these two, the American University is not in the middle of the city, but a bit out of the way in Tenleytown, a quiet and safe residential area, which is also known as "Embassy Row" due to the numerous embassy buildings. From there you can take the metro to downtown in ten minutes, where you can devote yourself to the countless restaurants, museums, bars and events in the capital.

Internationally and politically

The name “American University” sounds quite conservative and state-supporting at first. In fact, this college, founded in 1893, is in many ways anything but your typical American university. It starts with the fact that the campus is extremely multinational: around 10 percent of the students come from abroad; around 150 countries are represented. This international atmosphere is also a reason for many American applicants to choose American. And more than half (!) Spend part of their studies abroad. In addition, the students are extremely interested and active in politics here: It is not uncommon for the reform of the health care system or the system of campaign donations to be discussed at parties all night long. Even if you have no idea about US politics at the beginning, you can hardly ignore American questions that move the nation. The students are predominantly left-wing and take an active part. A colorful, lively bunch, less aloof and elitist than the more famous neighbors.

Top programs in business administration and international studies

Academically, the American University is also strongest in political science, economics, law, and journalism. The Kogod School of Business (photo on the right) is one of the better addresses for studying business administration in the USA. However, the School of International Service (SIS), where bachelor students get a B.A. be able to do “International Studies”. Global developments from topics such as peace and conflict research, world economy, foreign and security policy, human rights, inequality and development policy are examined with a regional focus from a political, economic, social and cultural science perspective. Anyone who is enthusiastic about these topics will not find such a comprehensive range at any other US university. Needless to say, thanks to its location in the US capital, the course offers countless opportunities to enrich what you have learned through internships and to prepare for your career entry. Further academic strengths can also be found in the artistic subjects.

In terms of reputation and level, the American University certainly does not (yet) quite come close to its big competitor, Georgetown University. But with her emphasis on "real-world experience", another focus is set: The practical orientation is in the foreground at American; Many lecturers have many years of professional experience in politics and business and pass this on to the students (vitamin B included). As at any other US university, American undergraduate students, regardless of their major, must first complete a Studium Generale. For this, two courses from five so-called “Foundational Areas” must be completed: “The Creative Arts”, “Traditions that Shape the Western World”, “The Global and Cross-Cultural Experience”, “Social Institutions and Behavior” and “The Natural” and Mathematical Sciences ". This thematic grouping also shows that American is taking a slightly different path than many other US universities.

Studied in Washington D.C.

More than two thirds of the students live in dormitories on campus, especially during the first two years of study. Most of the social life also takes place on campus, but of course the capital's nightlife in the nightlife districts of Georgetown or DuPont Circle is also attractive - even if most clubs only allow admission from the age of 21. Then there are the countless museums, monuments and art galleries to visit; not to mention the city's live music scene. The university itself regularly attracts well-known speakers to the campus and, with hundreds of student groups, offers everyone a suitable activity. Overall, the students at American University are known for finding a good balance between study and free time. Only enthusiasm for sport leaves something to be desired in favor of politics; In this point too, the university is more likely unAmerican.

Costs and grants

American University undergraduate tuition fees are currently around $ 48,000 per year. If you add room and board on campus, the cost is around $ 65,000 per year. This sounds very expensive - and it is! - but is still well below what the competition in Washington D.C. demands. Especially since the American University awards a large number of so-called “merit-based scholarships” between 8,000 and 20,000 US dollars per year especially for high-performing international students - scholarships that do not depend on the parents' ability to pay, but solely on specific school and extracurricular scholarships Benefits. Another plus point is that the American University does not require foreign applicants to obtain results from the SAT or ACT proficiency test. If you plan to start your studies in autumn, the application deadline is January 15th of each year.

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