How am I supposed to understand that correctly

Translation of "correctly understand" in French

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Just so we ourselves understand correctly.
So that you me understand correctly: Enlargement will cost something - you should tell people that.
Pour que l'on me comprenne bien : l'élargissement va coûter de l'argent - nous devons le dire aux citoyens.
Only in this way can the messages that are linked to the effective implementation of the internal market and the economic and monetary union understand correctly.
La bonne compréhension des messages liés à la mise en œuvre effective du marché intérieur comme de l'Union économique et monétaire est à ce prix.
Personally, I am very skeptical that we always do that understand correctly.
Personnel, j'ai des doutes quant à notre bonne compréhension de cette notion, même aujourd'hui.
Well, we have to talk about it in order for it to be understand correctly can.
I'm not going to put up with that for you understand correctly!
Europe must keep up with the times understand correctly and face the new tasks.
So that you do me too understand correctly: I know of no other change than what we decide here today.
That's the only thing that Africans do understand correctly.
Maybe that's why you can't understand correctly 'Cause you never knew this pain
Peut-être est-ce pourquoi tu peux réussir, car cette souffrance t'est inconnue.
I couldn't see you from back there understand correctly.
We both will never understand correctly.
I can't even do it understand correctly.
We will never be each other understand correctly.
I just make sure we can understand correctly.
Ultimately, big problems are sometimes deprived of their solutions because we don't solve the problem understand correctly.
Enfin, les grandsproblemèmes éludent parfois les solutions parce que l'on ne comprend pas vraiment the problem.
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