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Sensitive earplugs differentiate between noise and relevant things QuietOn hearing protection - hear without background noise

This is how QuietOn hearing protection works

QuietOn doesn't make simple mechanical earplugs. Rather, they are technical devices that have a built-in microphone and loudspeaker, which, together with the associated electronics, are built into a small plastic housing. This is in turn placed in the ear via a soft earplug that adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the wearer.

Visually, the QuietOn noise filter is similar to modern in-ear headphones or a discreet mini hearing aid. The ambient noise is picked up by the microphone and electronically filtered in such a way that the respective disruptive frequency ranges are suppressed. The adjusted sound then comes out of phase via the loudspeaker to the ear. With the models for sleeping needs, the device can either be muted or activated for sound transmission. The filter function is tailored to the frequency range in which human conversation takes place. Even in a noisy environment, the QuietOn noise filter transmits conversations, for example, in a clearly understandable manner and at a normal volume. Since the microphone is located in the ear canal, the transmission of noise through the air can also be significantly reduced. The devices are charged via a micro USB cable and a charging case.

QuietOn as a noise filter for various applications

Different sound scenarios require different filters. Depending on the background noise, special products from the portfolio are suitable:

QuietOn Original

QuietOn earplugs work with low-frequency sounds and reduce, for example, loud cabin noises in an aircraft or the roar of machines to a low humming sound. This is done by means of noise suppression and noise masking - a specially generated, inconspicuous tone is added to the interfering tone, thereby masking it. This technique can be illustrated by imagining a flickering flashlight (the background noise) in a lighted room (the additional sound).

QuietOn Sleep

The QuietOn Sleep earplugs are optimized to block out noises that are disturbing in typical sleep situations. These include conventional snoring, noises from neighbors in noisy buildings, but also continuous accompanying noises such as those that occur when traveling - such as the humming of engines or driving noises on the train. The QuietOn Sleep plugs ensure that sounds in these frequency ranges practically disappear. The devices can be switched from noise-canceling mode to open mode with a simple tap so that the full frequency spectrum can be clearly heard again. The design and the low weight as well as the long battery life guarantee wearing comfort that does not hinder you even at night.

Even next to the snoring partner, the hearing protection brings relaxed sleep (QuietOn)

QuietOn Dental

Dentists and their employees as well as staff from dental workshops work in an environment with a particularly specific noise profile. Ultrasonic scalers, amalgamators and, of course, dental devices generate sounds in very special frequency ranges. Not only when used directly, but also as background noise in practice, this soundscape creates stress and discomfort; In the medium term, there is even a risk of hearing damage. QuietOn Dental is a noise suppression device that is particularly helpful in dental practices to reduce the frequency load and enable undisturbed communication with colleagues and patients, even during treatment.

The earplugs relieve the hearing of dental assistants and patients (QuietOn)

QuietOn compared to other hearing protection and noise reduction products

Commercially available mechanical foam or silicone earplugs block some of the ambient noise, but usually fail because of low-frequency sounds - just those that are caused by machines or snoring. The long operating time of fifty hours of the QuietOn Original also outperforms all other noise-canceling aids on the market. The wireless and switch-free technology makes the QuietOn earplugs easy to use.

Conclusion: QuietOn guarantees a selective listening experience

The active noise suppression and reduction through the QuietOn earplugs help users to selectively perceive noise. This makes work easier in noisy environments, reduces subliminal stress, protects against hearing damage and gives people with light sleep undisturbed rest.

  • restful sleep without disturbing ambient noise
  • Noise is blocked, important frequencies are filtered
  • User-friendly, anatomical design makes it comfortable to wear
  • simple operation without cables and switches
  • extra long battery life

QuietOn doesn't just block out noise, it ensures that you hear as needed.

Pricing and availability QuietOn

The classic QuietOn Original variant is a successful model. Since the company was founded in 2015, 30,000 units have been sold in 120 countries. The QuietOn Sleep noise filters can be pre-ordered online via the company's website. There is a volume discount when ordering sets:

  • QuietOn Original: 179 euros (single set)
  • QuietOn Sleep: Set 141 euros, partner set 238 euros, family set of four 442 euros
  • QuietOn Dental is currently only available from selected retailers; in Europe currently only in some Scandinavian countries and France.

In addition, accessories such as replacement earplugs, silicone caps and retaining cords for the devices are available in the online shop.

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