Which country is Lithuania's best friend today?

Beverage traditions

Nature also determines our drinks menu: mead, kvass, apple and berry wine, but first of all the beer, of course. The old recipes of the beer brewers are specially protected and passed on from generation to generation. A sweet, alcoholic alternative is “mead”, which we have been preparing since the 16th century. Don't worry, wine lovers will also find what they're looking for. A lack of vineyards didn't stop us from making good wines. Instead of grapes, we use apples, plums, cherries and many different types of berries. Wouldn't you like to know what the taste of an authentic Lithuanian wine is?

"Gira" - a thirst quencher

On hot summer days, we not only drink refreshing mineral water, but also bread. Yes you've read correctly. We drink bread - the so-called kvass. A real trendy drink in our region, which is called "Gira" in this country. The thirst quencher is made in a wooden barrel or a large mason jar and made from pieces of rye bread and honey. The fermentation process gives it a slightly lemony taste and develops a wonderful head of foam when poured.

"Alus" - the cool blonde

The areas around Panevėžys, Biržai and Pasvalys are characterized by a hundred-year beer tradition. Upper Lithuanian beer is still produced today by the country's breweries and has retained its authenticity. It's strong and has a full-bodied, inimitable taste. Beer has been brewed in Lithuania since the 11th century. A separate guild was also established, the records of which go back to the 16th century. The historical sources indicate special brewing methods with which the cool blonde was produced in the Grand Duchy. Even the pagan Balts had their own beer god named Ragutis. He ruled the realm of beer together with his wife Ragutienė. Today you should not only try the classic types of beer such as lager, Pils or Hefeweizen, but also explore the craft beer scene in Lithuania. Over the past few years, small microbreweries have been set up that offer so-called "creative beers".

“Vaisių vynas” - fruity wines

We don't have large vineyards, but there are plenty of bushes and fruit trees. That is why Lithuanian wine is made from apples, plums, cherries, strawberries and various types of berries. The history of our wineries began at the beginning of the 20th century in the town of Anykščiai in northern Lithuania. The young entrepreneur Balys Karazija saw great potential in local viticulture. Together with his friend Alfonsas he founded the first winery in Lithuania. The luck of wine production was international. In 1938, Lithuanian wines were awarded gold at the Paris International Wine Exhibition. In the local wine cellars today, however, not only production is carried out - visitors have a range of wine tastings, courses and excursions at their disposal.