Which app is fun

33 apps that make learning really fun

What makes learning with digital games so special

Learning with apps and digital games - is that even possible? Or is this just an excuse that children hope to be able to play a little longer with?
The question is not entirely unjustified, as there is a lot of trash on the digital market, especially with the free offers. If you browse a bit, you will also find a whole range of high-quality games, apps and playful websites with which children of all ages can learn a lot, and in such a way that they don't get bored:

  • Construction and strategy games enable children, for example, to understand larger contexts and make their own experiences with them.
  • Arithmetic, spelling and vocabulary games facilitate diligent practice where it is necessary, for example when learning the basic arithmetic operations. Instead of having to work through another sheet of rake packets, children will be happy when, for example, sailor Fiete picks up the calculated rake container with his cutter.
  • Simulations convey in a playful way how much it takes to build a house, to settle in a foreign country or to run a pony farm.

Computer programs and apps are more patient than anyone can be. Even with the umpteenth wrong answer, they stay calm. And if I do something wrong, nobody will notice - this knowledge helps children with little self-confidence in particular to try out and practice new things.
And yes, of course it is important that children not only have a variety of experiences with all their senses on screen, but also in real life. But if there is no art museum nearby, why not just use a virtual exhibition, including a scavenger hunt from picture to picture?
So here is a selection of apps and programs for learning and playing that we can really recommend. And, little insider tip: The best thing is to try out the games with your child right away! Then you can convince yourself of the quality, know what it's playing - and maybe you will have fun together too.