Characteristics of modern poetry

Features of modernity - literary epochs

Features of the era

The Influence innovations of course that literature in these times. You will be in new species of stories and in new Stylistic devices like frequent change of Narrative perspective and inner monologues processed. The characters of works fail often at herslimited worldview, which we can see as an allusion to limited development.

Important Motifs in the Modern are Decay and Death, but also decadence plays an important role.

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decadence means cultural decline or more moral Decline in habits: For example one excessive exercise of luxury.

Language is also changing: from strong symbols, images and linguistic means to one clear language With Self-criticism. A good and well-known example of this is the Chandos letter: a fictional letter that Language criticism expresses. He criticizes that Speak and also Don't think always in the existing language are possible and expresses Doubt, if she reality at all in language is reproducible.

Genres of modernity

In the Poetry this time relate statement and shape on top of each other: The form and the statement only result combined the desired sense. Is expressed Not more the Reality, but ideas and Feelings. Pictures from this time consist, for example, of only colors, lines and shapes.

In the Modern there is a new type of metaphor: the Ciphers.

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Ciphers are untranslatable metaphors, with which the authors clearly rebel against other epochs.

The terms drama or tragedy become no more used because in a way they presuppose a hero. Modernity no longer sees this hero, because he is in it human a externally determined individual. This is how drama and tragedy become through the term piece replaced.

Works and authors

Important Works from the Modern era are the Buddenbrooksof Thomas Mann, the Chandos-letterof Hugo von Hoffmannsthal and Springawakening of Frank Wedekind.

You now have the most important thing about the Modern era Experienced. Your newKnowledge could you with our tasks testing! Have fun at the Learn!