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I wish the Commissioner great success in the negotiations.
I wish very much for Commissioner de Palacio success in negotiations.
The most important prerequisite for success is sufficient funding.
The main requirement for that success the program is adequately funded.
This European Union contribution is a success.
The contribution that the European Union has made is a success.
The second major objective is to ensure the success of enlargement.
The second major objective in the Commission's work program for 2004 is to make enlargement a success becomes.
For this reason clearly its success is extremely important.
Because of this, the success the euro is of the utmost importance.
The first success came during negotiations in Brussels.
It then has an initial one during the negotiations in Brussels success given.
I wish you all possible success, Commissioner.
I wish you every conceivable, Commissioner success.
It means that success will never come.
It means that the success will never stop.
Electrolux is an example of EIB success.
Electrolux is an example of that success the EIB.
Testing and a demonstration ensure success.
The success is ensured through tests and demonstrations.
One mediation effort follows another without much success.
There follows one mediation attempt after the other, none of which is radical success to have.
Hold informal celebrations of group success.
Celebrate the success the group in an informal setting.
I wish you every success in finding systemic solutions.
I wish you a lot success in the search for fundamental solutions.
It is primarily a conservative success.
It is mainly a conservative one success.
Haste and impatience rarely ensure success.
Hurry and impatience are not often a guarantee success.
Its expansion and success is crucial for our economies.
Its extension and its success are vital to our economies.
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