Which website has fake Fendi sunglasses

How do I recognize counterfeit glasses?

Branded sunglasses are an extremely popular accessory. For comparatively little money you can wear your favorite designer on your nose and upgrade the rest of your outfit properly. Unfortunately, this is exactly what lousy fraudsters take advantage of by offering supposedly branded glasses too much at low prices. Cheap glasses can pose an unnecessary health hazard to your eyes. Actually, sunglasses should protect the eyes from short-wave light rays. In the case of counterfeit glasses, you have to assume that the protection (which you cannot see on the outside of the lens) has been saved as well as the material and workmanship.

We have created a checklist for you on how you can recognize counterfeit glasses.


Quality features

The "CE mark" and "UV 400" are the common quality features. youcan Although it is a sign of the authenticity of the glasses, they do not provide clear security. Because the characters usually printed on the temple of the sunglasses can be just as fake as the brand of the sunglasses!

tip: Buy glasses in specialist shops and certified online shops.


Check the margins

Brand glasses are made from high quality materials in a careful process. Usually the glasses are made from one piece and polished by hand. So you shouldn't find any rough spots, edges or notches. Special attention should be paid to the edges - if they are sharp, this indicates poor manufacture and the glasses are in all probability not original.

tip: Edges are mostly found at the two places where the temples are attached, the upper glass edges and the top of the temples.


The weight

Hold your branded glasses in your hand for a few minutes or toss them in the air and catch them again. The weight should feel good and look solid. If the glasses appear fragile or unstable, this is a sign that they may not be original.

tip: Test whether the glasses can weigh down some leaves without them flying off. If this is not the case, the glasses are very likely a fake.



When looking at the lenses, the engraving should be sharp, shiny and easily recognizable. You shouldn't be able to scratch off the engravings - the flaking is a sign of inferior quality and you have to assume that the glasses are not real either.


The nose pads

If your designer model has nose pads, the pads that rest on the nose should also be of high quality. If the rubber is firm and comfortable, that speaks for a good quality. The nasal pads shouldn't feel slippery, slimy or brittle. Nor should they be easy to remove.

tip: Originals from brands like Ray-Ban often have the “RB” logo on the metal piece of the nose pads.


The logo on the temples

The logo should be neat and fairly flat on the temple. The glasses are not of good quality and therefore probably not genuine if the logo is badly applied, messed about, or attached with glue or pins.

tip: Models with very thin temples usually do not have a logo on the temple.


The model number

The model number is located on the inside of the temples. On the other side you should see the inscriptions “Made in Italy” and “CE”. "CE" means that the glasses are certified and can be sold in Europe. If these inscriptions are missing or badly made, your glasses are probably not real.

tip: Compare the serial number on the packaging with the one on the glasses. If the numbers do not match, your glasses are fake.


The glasses case

Pay attention to the packaging. Has it already been damaged, does it look used? Find the serial number. And: If you find any spelling mistakes, you definitely have a replica.

tip: Clean seams and the logo on the bolt head indicate an original.


The booklet

Many designer glasses come with a booklet. This describes the product in more detail. If you notice incorrect grammar, spelling mistakes or the like in the booklet, the glasses are very likely not genuine.


The glasses cleaning cloth

Most branded glasses come with a glasses cleaning cloth. If this is missing, it could already be an indication of a fake. If the supplied cloth is of poor quality, the authenticity is also doubtful.

tip: These cloth defects should be compared with the original glasses: stains or signs that the cloth has already been used, poor seams, too thin, too rough or obviously cheap material.


Extra tip:

Offers that are too good to be true should make you skeptical! Branded glasses vary in models and prices, but they are never cheap. Be careful when designer glasses sell well below their suggested retail price.

At Edel-Optics you will find a large selection of designer glasses at low (but not cheap) prices. We are also a certified online shop and even send most models with a certificate of authenticity.

We hope that we could help you to distinguish fakes from originals. So that you can wear your new designer glasses without any disadvantages. 🙂