What are artists for?

What do you need art for?

Art is everything that a person creates to reflect his feelings and impressions. It is an inner impulse that makes an artist paint, an architect - to model, a musician - to compose and play music.

This is our essence. Those who do not draw or compose strive for this through the works of others. The emotions and impressions of the Creator and the public are intertwined into something new that is understandable to everyone, but at the same time there is something personal for everyone.

But what is meant by the term art? Why is art so important to people? The first question seems more or less easy to answer. For example, if you open an encyclopedic dictionary, it defines art as artistic creation in general. These are literature, architecture, sculpture, painting, graphics, handicrafts as well as music, theater, cinema and other types of human activity that reflect the surrounding reality in artistic images. The word “art” also defines a high level of skill in every area of ​​activity, even if it is even about gambling. Play them at Casimba and hone your game skills.

Art as a means of communication

Art is also a certain way of conveying information, it is a historian, chronicler and everyday writer of its time. Through works of art we learn about significant events in the past as well as how people lived before, what costumes they wore, what objects they used, what they were fond of, what they thought of. Art can also be described as a means of communication between people. After all, the Creator's thoughts and feelings are always contained in a real work. That is why there is such a great desire for art at all times and among all peoples. Art in particular makes it possible to express ideas, thoughts, and aspirations figuratively, clearly and vividly - in one word, everything that excites a person and what he would like to share with others.

But how does art come about? In ancient times, Plato's theory spread that the artist is gripped by the otherworldly principle - the divine “mania”, which pulls him out of his ordinary state and fills him with an unknown force under whose rule he creates a work. And the philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling believed that the artist involuntarily and even against his inner desire is involved in the process of creativity, just as a condemned person does not do what he wants, but fulfills here unfathomably prescribed by fate.

The focus is on the artist

Many viewed scientific knowledge as the main engine of art. Indeed, many of the great masters were well-educated. However, education alone is not enough. The artist's culture absorbs much more, it cannot be understood outside of his ideological convictions and high moral qualities.

An artist cannot create when his soul is dead and his heart is cold or cruel. Genius and villainy are two incompatible things. Art is very powerful in that it affects a person's thoughts and feelings, so it shouldn't be evil and destructive. The task of art is to satisfy people's spiritual needs by creating works that bring joy and pleasure to a person, empathize and empathize with them, and even awaken an artist in them. After all, an artist lives in the soul of each of us. And this “inner artist” lets us reach for the beautiful: books, music, theater, painting.

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