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Sanskrit translation for free

Sanskrit translation for free - you can do that with this yoga wiki. You don't need expensive dictionaries, which are also large and unwieldy - the Sanskrit translation is free here. Enter the Sanskrit word in the search field above, tap Enter - and you will have the German translation of the word concerned completely free of charge.

Of course, the Yoga Wiki also has its limits: Here you will find the translation of the more popular Sanskrit words, especially the words that have to do with yoga, Ayurveda and Indian philosophy. There are more specialized dictionaries on the Internet that can be used to translate Sanskrit for free. However, these are often a bit more complicated to use, or you even have to pay attention to special spellings.

How does Sanskrit translation work for free here on the wiki?

How does the free Sanskrit translation work here in the wiki? This is actually quite simple. The Yoga Wiki is structured like Wikipedia and is operated in a similar way - and is of course free of charge. You simply enter the Sanskrit term in the search field above, tap Enter, and you will receive the German translation. You also get the Devanagari spelling as well as the scientific IAST transcription with the diacritical marks, i.e. the dots, lines and ticks below or above the letters, completely free of charge. Often you not only get the Sanskrit translation completely free, but also an extensive article, maybe even with a photo and video. Translate Sanskrit - so it's very easy here - and much more.

Is this Yoga Wiki a Sanskrit Dictionary?

What is the difference between this yoga wiki you are currently on and other online Sanskrit dictionaries that you can use to look up Sanskrit terms for free? Is Yoga Wiki something like a Sanskrit dictionary?

Yoga Wiki is a Sanskrit dictionary, and yet more than that. Yoga Wiki is something like Wikipedia in the field of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, naturopathy, spirituality, esotericism and more. We at Yoga Vidya are working to make all knowledge from these areas available on the Internet for free. New articles are added every day. Up to 5 full-time employees and several dozen volunteers as well as a freelance Indologist work on the Wiki.

Sanskrit mantras in Devanagari, i.e. Indian script

Sanskrit expressions are particularly important in yoga. We attach great importance to the fact that the Sanskrit expressions can be found in their different spellings - and that the translation of the Sanskrit expressions meet the needs of those interested in yoga and those traveling to India in particular.

You can find Sanskrit translations for free here in the Wiki - and so much more besides.

Do you have comments or can't find a Sanskrit word? Then write to wiki (at) yoga-vidya.de

Oh yes: Here you will also find a small Hindi dictionary, this wiki is also a small Hindi translator ... Are you looking for a German Hindi or Hindi German translation? Try it. In terms of Hindi, we're not as advanced as we are in Sanskrit - but it's growing ...

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