Ford EcoSport has Apple CarPlay

Instructions (HowTo) for using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with Ford Sync

Ford Sync and Apple CarPlay:

1. Start the ignition / engine.

2. To use the application you need an IPhone cable.

3. Now plug the cable with the USB side into the USB connection and the side with the Lightning connection into the iPhone.

4. Now you have to activate Siri in the settings (if you haven't already done so).

5. You must then allow access to your mobile phone.

6. When you have done this, your cell phone screen will appear on the car display.

Ford Sync and Android Auto usage:

1. Download the “Android Auto” app from the Google PlayStore.

2. To connect the mobile phone to the car, you need a USB cable.

3. Plug the USB cable into the USB port and the micro USB port into your mobile phone.

4. Now start the app and click on Allow access.

5. When you have done this, your cell phone screen will appear on your car display.

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