Where can I find a pimp online

Restricted area Hamburg

Much of the money women and girls make from buying things is paid to a pimp. Sometimes he or she offers protection from violent customers, a place to work or even to live. Some also refer customers to "their" wives. On the street, prostitutes often have to pay money to pimps without getting anything in return, simply because a square or a street corner is the pimp's "territory".

Pimps are not always recognizable. Young and good-looking pimps in particular, the so-called loverboys, can be very charming at the beginning and fake the girls and women that they are really in love. Sometimes a good friend turns out to be a pimp too.

If a pimp threatens you, forces you to do things you don't want, or becomes violent, he's making himself a criminal offense. If you have problems with a pimp or are considering breaking up, the restricted area will help you. Anonymous. Free. Confidential.

Is my friend a pimp?

Here you can find out for yourself ...

Sometimes a good friend or your partner is a pimp without you realizing it at first. You can find out for yourself by answering the following questions:

- Does your friend have an income of his own?
- Can he use it to finance his lifestyle?
- Is he noticeably spending a lot of money on you and your beauty?
- Are you doing things for his sake that you really don't want to do?
- Are you scared of him sometimes?
- Does he have friends who work as pimps?
- Does he know other women who prostitute themselves?
If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then you probably already have an idea of ​​what your friend does for a living. A pimp's interest in a woman is usually not real. He just wants her to work for him. Maybe he promises you a good future or that he will invest your money for you. If you want your money, however, there is often nothing left and you even owe him.

If he won't let you go, threatens you, or becomes violent, get help and support. You can contact us or KOOFRA. In an emergency, contact the police directly. The emergency number 110 for the police works free of charge from any telephone, even from cell phones without credit.

What is a loverboy?

A loverboy is a young pimp who pretends to love you.

Mostly young and good-looking, loverboys pretend to girls and young women the great love in order to get them into prostitution. A loverboy has no real feelings for the woman, but wants her to make money for him.

Loverboys often address young women in a targeted manner: in the Internet chat, in the schoolyard or in clubs. They flirt, listen to problems, give compliments and gifts, and invite their victim for a drink or dinner. In order for a girl or a young woman to become completely dependent on her loverboy, he often tries to destroy contact with her family and friends - until she only has him and is ready to do anything for him out of love. Drinks often turn into drugs, and feigned love turns into violence.

If your boyfriend wants you to have sex with others, it's not love.
If you are afraid of your boyfriend, then he is not your boyfriend.

I am being forced into prostitution, what should I do?

Dare yourself and get support!

If you have a good friend or relative who you can tell anything to, go see her - maybe you can do something about it together.

When you have no one to confide in; if you don't know where to go, you can go to a women's shelter at any time - day or night. There you can get protection and help: Hamburg women's shelters. You can always contact the police. The emergency number 110 for the police works free of charge from any telephone, even from cell phones without credit.

Of course, you can also contact us, we will support you in your further steps. Do not be intimidated by threats, including against children and other family members. The threats are just meant to scare you. Act decisively and get help.

In Hamburg there is also KOOFRA, a special advice center for women who are affected by forced prostitution: Help from KOOFRA in several languages.

A friend is prostituting herself, what should I do?

Keep in touch with your friend if you want to help her.

It is important that you continue to be there for her - even if you cannot understand why she is doing this. Perhaps she would like to quit prostitution after a short time. Then it is important to have a friend who will support you in this.

You have probably already asked her why she is prostituting herself. You can also share your doubts and concerns, but don't blame her. As I am sure you know, moral sermons rarely help.

If your friend is over 18 and has voluntarily chosen prostitution, then in the end it will be her free choice, even if you find it bitter. If you have the impression that someone pressured or coerced her into prostitution, you can offer your support and encourage her to work with you to do something about it. Feel free to contact us; write us an email, give us a call or come over. We advise and support you in this difficult situation. You don't need to mention names if you don't want to. Our advice is anonymous and free of charge.