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meaning of high end in English

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In fact, it means a transformation from simple to high-end applications, like laser welding, multiple handling or similar applications with advanced product assembly and manipulation.
What are the ethical implications of developing e-health applications that require high-end technologies to function?
In fact, the period under discussion saw the establishment of a mass market for tobacco products that had little in common with this high-end market.
Indeed, recent high-end Personal computers are often more powerful, not to mention generally more 'user-friendly', than some institutionally based machines from ten years ago.
In these ways, pottery is similar to low-end textiles, but ceramics usually do not have the high-end value that cloth can have.
It is expensive to develop, it requires high-end technology to transmit, and it is unclear how it affects the construct.
For the high-end value, we double this number, and, for the low-end, we again use their small city value of $ 550.
This avoids the problem of closed hardware design and system obsolescence, which has bedevilled high-end music systems in the past.
Freezing allows larger volumes to be sold in a single delivery, bringing back the potential of profitable sales to high-end restaurants, the original goal of community organization.
It is clear, even at this juncture, that only the high-end estimate using the shortest fallow cycle and the highest yields can accommodate even our lowest population estimate.